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Find a local Ultrasound Direct clinic near you and book your private scan today. A pregnancy scan or ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to create a moving image of your baby and you can see the image on a screen. In most. Specialist pregnancy and gynaecology ultrasound in Sussex Baseline scans can assess the uterus, endometrial thickness and ovaries for follicle tracking. clinic we can offer you the latest in 4D HD live for your 4D scans, which takes you​.

BubbaView provides private 2d, 3d and 4d non diagnostic pregnancy. scanning services in the South-East of England. BOOK A SCAN · WHY BUBBAVIEW. Ultrasound scan - Examines internal organs and blood flow to diagnose or monitor conditions.. Choose Spire Sussex Hospital. Our Worthing baby scan clinic in Brighton, West Sussex has lots of room for scans to surrounding areas such as Ferring, Clapham, Lancing and East Preston.

Ultrasound scan - Examines internal organs and blood flow to diagnose or monitor conditions.. Choose Spire Sussex Hospital. Specialist pregnancy and gynaecology ultrasound in Sussex Baseline scans can assess the uterus, endometrial thickness and ovaries for follicle tracking. clinic we can offer you the latest in 4D HD live for your 4D scans, which takes you​. See Latest News on our social channels or read Scan Services about local policies on Baby Scans in Hove. Find those special 4D Baby Scan and Gender Scan.

Google Rating 4. There was no rush to show gender and the sonographer east took her time to get 'shot' of my babies gender, talking me through everything she saw at all times. Aftwrwards we were allowed private time in a room to carefully choose our prints and were given a pair of socks in colour to congratulate us This is the best experience i have ever had during a pregnancy.

Joanna McKean 14 Jun 17 We came for a scan at 17 weeks and were really impressed. A very warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere and I loved that our family members could come along to meet the baby too. This made it extra special. The sonographer really took the time to go over every aspect of the scan with us, so we left excited and reassured that everything was well with baby.

Thank you Window to the Womb! Especially the staff, felt like we were treated like celebrities they were so attentive and nice!! And the facilities are incredible. Will defintely be back! Our pregnancy was high risk and the staff and sonographers were amazing.

They gave us extra time, took really good care of us and we found the whole experience really sussex. I would fully recommend the whole team at Window to the Womb. Thank you so much Matthew Norris 08 Jun 17 What a great experience. Staff were great and made us feel really special. Scan person was very accommodating and made us both feel at ease.

The price was great value ultrasound would highly recommend ultrasound any of my friends. When we found out we were expecting a girl after 4 boys we were over the moon! Also when I had doubt purely of my own not believing I was in fact having a girl and sent a message for some reassurance they went above and beyond to reassure me.

Lovely place very welcoming and cleanstaff were wonderful and overall a fantastic experience. Thank you so much. We are now looking forward to welcoming a daughterwhich was again confirmed at our 20 week scan so they were also spot on! Terri Booth 25 Jun 18 Absolutely incredible!

The staff are lovely and friendly and make you feel welcome. Good deals too! Highley recommend x Paige Newton 13 Aug 18 We had an amazing experience! We had the Well-being and gender scan and ultrasound every minute, the staff were so welcoming, kind and helpful.

Highly recommend for anyone to have a scan. Jade Guild 20 Aug 18 I went on my birthday for sussex early gender reveal for my birthday.

Found out later that day I was expecting a little boy and have a wonderful heartbeat bear forever. Absolutely amazing service, great clinic with even better staff! Would ultrasound recommend window east the womb to everyone sussex Rebecca Shepherd.

Emily Willis 30 Aug 18 I went with my friend who is expecting, the whole experience was phenomenal. Beautiful atmosphere, super friendly staff, and I know she would love to go again, she is now 30 weeks, and I know it would mean the world to see sussex baby again before he is born. Book Now Chat with us now Loading Send message via your Messenger App.

We often run special offers at our baby scan clinics. Ultrasound here to see the special offers available ultrasound. Our Worthing clinic offer specialist early pregnancy scans from 6 weeks. Check up on baby anytime in your pregnancy from only 16 weeks. Includes a well-being report. We're the destination choice, and mums choose us to be an essential part of their pregnancy journey.

We pride ourselves in the service we provide, receiving an 'outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission. We are always ensuring that our mums receive the utmost care and enjoy the experience of every private pregnancy scan they have with us.

All of our private scans include a Well-Being Check of baby. Each baby scan package is tailored to suit each expecting mum and their family.

Our specialist packages include a print to east away and east full obstetric report. Available a full 4 weeks before your NHS scan, this includes ultrasound well-being check, prints, 4D peek and all digital images. These can be added as extras to our package. These include a well-being check and give you the ability to see baby's features. We accommodate up to 6 sussex including mum-to-be, with large viewing screens around the baby scan room so everyone can feel involved in your experience.

We are not able to provide a second opinion on your NHS hospital scan. Colette, Gavin and their team look forward to welcoming you, your family and of course your bump! Google Rating. Sarah Bowler 08 Jul My experience was faultless and full of happiness from the moment we arrived, the most spotless and modern clinic, we were greeted by a very polite and lovely receptionist who talked me and my partner through our scan, offering me some amazing extras with absolutely ultrasound pressure Joanna McKean 14 Jun We came for a scan at 17 weeks east were really impressed.

Sussex Champion 18 Aug Victoria Hartkemeyer 08 Jun We had two scans with Window to the Womb in Worthing.

Matthew Norris 08 Jun What a great experience. Natalie Thayre 23 Jan Terri Booth 25 Jun Absolutely incredible! Highley recommend x. Paige Newton 13 Aug We had an amazing experience! Lovely experience! Jade Guild 20 Aug I went on my birthday for an early gender reveal for my birthday. Rebecca Shepherd 23 Aug Emily Willis 30 Aug I went with my friend who is expecting, the whole experience was phenomenal. Your Appointment. Extras Available. Our Technology.

Mums Visit Us From. Our team are there to provide you with all the help and support you need and to answer any questions you may have about your baby scan experience. When entering our private ultrasound clinic, you will be greeted by one of our warm, friendly and experienced team members and welcomed to a beautiful and calming environment.

From there, we will guide you through your appointment and chosen baby scan package, and escort you and your family into the scan room. This is where our qualified NHS Sonographer will complete a well-being check and 2d scan, 3d scan or 4d scan, where you can see on large viewing screens. When your baby scan is complete, you can then choose from a large selection of images, and our scan assistant will print off your chosen images and provide you with digital images from your private baby scan.

Depending on the baby scan package you choose, this may also contain your 4D movie! There are also a variety cafes and restaurants in the area close to our baby scan clinic, Worthing town centre often has events on which you can tie in to your visit to us. Our Heartbeat Bears allow you to do just that!

Our cute and cuddly range of bears come with their own recording device, so we can record the heartbeat and place inside a bear. We also stock:. Ultrasound technology has been researched extensively in hundreds of clinical studies over the past 30 years and has not been east to cause any harm to either mother or baby with routine scanning now a normal procedure in all pregnancies. A probe placed on the body emits sound waves into the body, listens for the return echo sussex generates an image.

This is likely the same machine that the NHS will use in your week dating and week anomaly scans. Movie Recording Equipment The most amazing thing about a baby scan at East to the Womb is the ability to take away images and videos of your scan to share with sussex and east.

At our Worthing baby scan clinic you can take away full sussex photo prints, all of your images digitally and movie recording of your scan baby scan package dependent. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These cookies operate automatically and do not contain ultrasound personal information. By using east website you agree that these cookies will be used.

Finding us is easy, were located along the south coast with plenty of free parking directly infront of the clininc. When The Miracle of Life Begins Describe your image. Pregnancy Yoga. Pregnancy Massage. Father to be Treatment. Sensory Baby Massage. Sensory Baby Yoga. Sensory Baby Reflexology. New Parent Treatment. Baby Massage Workshop. Some of these tests are best taken before 10 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, as soon as you know you are pregnant please contact your GP, Midwife or complete our online referral form:.

It is always your choice whether to have a test or not. The information which these tests can provide may help your midwife to provide the best care possible during your pregnancy and the birth.

The test results may also help you to make choices about your pregnancy. We routinely offer all women blood tests in the early stages of pregnancy to check for any potential problems. We recommend these tests are taken before 9 weeks of pregnancy. For women booking later than this we recommend the tests are taken as soon as possible.

In addition to checking your haemoglobin for low iron level anaemia , your blood group and rhesus factor, we also recommend screening for the following:.

This leaflet provides further details regarding the screening tests offered in pregnancy:. Please read this information leaflet before your first booking appointment , so that you have the information and knowledge to make a decision regarding these tests. Please also keep the leaflet safe so that you can refer to it for the screening tests which will be offered to your baby following birth. If you have any questions the midwife at the booking appointment can answer them or refer you to one of our specialist screening midwives for support and further information.

All pregnant women booking before 20 weeks of pregnancy are offered screening tests to assess the chance of there being a problem or abnormality with their baby. If a problem is suspected we may offer you a diagnostic test. There are important differences between screening tests and diagnostic tests see below. It is always your choice whether or not to have these tests. A screening test is a way to find out if there is a lower or higher chance of your baby having a health problem. Screening tests are not perfect.

Some women will be told that their baby has a higher chance of a problem when they do not have a problem. Similarly, for a few women, they will be told they have a lower chance of a problem when in fact the baby does have a problem. A diagnostic test can tell you for definite that your baby has a problem. However, these tests do not detect every possible genetic or chromosome problem, only ones that are known.

Before you make any decisions on which antenatal screening tests to accept or not, it is important that you and your partner think about the implications of the result. You may find yourselves going through unnecessary worry or, in the worst case; you may find yourselves making a decision about whether or not to continue your pregnancy. Remember that most babies develop normally and are healthy at birth.

We offer fertility scans to aid conception and in conjunction with assisted conception. During pregnancy we provide an amazing bonding experience for you and your family so you can share the wonderful experience of seeing your developing baby.

We also offer gynaecology and well woman scans. You do not need a referral from your GP for pregnancy scans, although we will keep your GP fully informed of your results if necessary, with your consent.