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Watch School high quality sex movies on laid bare the problems afflicting Russian secondary schools: casual sex, .. Argumenty i fakty: that the serial was an artistic film dealing with universal issues,​. Отображается из для 'Школьница' Movies . A young schoolgirl after a shower wanted to have sex Really sweet school girl nailed during sex.

laid bare the problems afflicting Russian secondary schools: casual sex, .. Argumenty i fakty: that the serial was an artistic film dealing with universal issues,​. Watch School high quality sex movies on Film • Watch the best free sex flicks online on TamilSex. HD hot tamil shkola. Mothers Of The Same Age () Korean Sex Movie. HD. Mothers Of.

Отображается из для 'Школьница' Movies . A young schoolgirl after a shower wanted to have sex Really sweet school girl nailed during sex. The themes portrayed in the movie include: drinking, smoking, having sex, teen violence, revolt against parents and school administration, climbing the hill of. Russian education: racism, casual sex, depression, drug-taking, bribery and However, unlike the gypsy dramas, Shkola adopted the telenovela format, by her feature film Everyone Dies but Me (), an uncompromising exposé of the​.

Sign In. Hide Spoilers. This is a controversial entertainment skola which is aimed on the modern Russian youthful or feeling themselves so audience. Profanities are presented in abundance. Interesting to watch. Shot from a "real world" camera, always shaken and carried around. The plot is about relations dex problems of an ordinary classmates of 9-A class at an ordinary Moscow school.

It had some cut scenes during the first episodes, while the night-time episodes were uncut. Some public hearings were held swx Russian State Duma e. Parliament about eligibility to air drama with such foul shkola where all the under-aged minors are casted. As the result the series are broadcasted only at the evening-night time. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. The plot revolves around one particular class in an ordinary Russian school in bedroom suburb of Moscow.

Unlike many other works of the same field it's hard to figure shkola who shkola the main and supporting characters, shkola rather a cross section of a daily school sex with all its ins and outs.

Much like Germanika's other works sex atmosphere on set is extremely close to reality: the school is a real school, shmola camera is shaking, shoola kids are talking the way they talk in real life stumbling in their speech occasionally.

The themes portrayed in the movie include: drinking, smoking, zex sex, teen violence, revolt against parents and school administration, climbing the hill of class hierarchy, or in other words everything almost every 16 year sex goes through in sbkola way or another while being at school. Realistic characters and shocking content with life served to the audience "as is" make the series to stand out among other films portraying teen life.

While film aired in prime time on a federal channel "Shkola" was criticized for almost exclusive focusing on the darker side of adolescent years: rude language, taking alcohol and smoking on screen, violence and portraying shkola and other adults as base, egotistic, self-centered people.

Fiml, the public uproar and constant requests from various groups and sex to stop airing the series only gave it a popularity boost. The movie is recommended for everyone who is interested in a true face of today teens. Although this movie shkola not a documentary, it surely documents a large part of the Russian school life. Valeria Gai Germanika creates an extremely realistic environment film the camera acquires an almost voyeuristic nature. The movie is filmed in an amateur style with uncut scenes and a hand held camera.

The movie touches and examines the sore wounds of the young generation. The camera becomes an x-ray that penetrates the outer shell and reveals the corruption of the students and the teachers. The difference in values between sfx young and the old shjola is film in vivid colors. The preoccupation of the young with appearance, popularity, love, and sexuality clashes with the solid standards of the older generation.

The sub cultures that are so popular in Russian fipm also portrayed sex. The emerging skinhead and the Emo girl are like stereotypical characters that exist in every shkola. AndreiPavlov 4 October Have seen 4 serials that can be called "cult" ones: "Thunder in Paradise", "Twin Peaks", "Interny", and this one - "Shkola".

All these four are not just good, they are excellent. The present life is depicted in bawdy but realistic colours. Remember watching shkolla Hills " sex, and of course the film was radically different. If sec like your cinema only shko,a, soft, warm, romantic, smoothed-out, pathetic, and friendly in a childish innocent way, stay far away from this serial.

You will be upset filn even foam and faint in front of the TV-set. Film if you enjoy rough, uncouth realism with the doltish true-to-life characters, who just happen to be all in one place, all in one movie, then this is for you. You don't have to wait long till one of the characters brings havoc or goes berserk: it happens every 10 minutes. A very smart move of the director was her use of mostly unknown actors. Actors with shkla names would have ruined the documentary feel of the reel.

And truly enjoy the jerky camera handling and wild angles. Often the faces look so disproportional and uncomfortably ugly sometimes it adds a hysterical effect shkola the action It is to be viewed attentively and without long gaps personally watched it almost every evening — usually a couple of parts at once. Shkola will notice how the characters' lives are changing in strict accordance with their previous misdeeds.

The effects of their own film get into sight vividly. Don't know if it had been planned film the director beforehand — perhaps it just turned out like that in the final product in one of Nelson Algren's books this phenomenon was explained. To me this topic is not something exotic. Being a teacher by first profession quite agree with those who say that in reality the things can get much worse than in this film.

Just one scene to back it up. In the movie the headmistress comes up to the "neo-Nazi" Bagira and tells her to quit smoking and leave the school. There are words shot from both sides. Just words. In reality in a similar situation in our school the female teacher she was also the school manager was punched in the face and had to lead classes with a shko,a bruise under her eye. Have read a few bad things about Valeriya Gay Germanika. Even if it's all sex, it doesn't mean anything. Ssx happy, stylish, rich, and successful people need to make realistic movies that show shkloa hearts agonizing in pain of the modern world?

Very unlikely. It is not entertainment. And it never adds more scandal than needed. Rough sex is wex shown. Blood sprays are not shown. There is no stupid and overused these days slow-mo. There are almost no taboo words. And no nakedness "to spice it up".

And of course this movie is for adults dex. And to know Russian is essential. To know very well that is. A very peculiar drama without even the slightest tint of sx but with bitter taste and dark atmosphere, not to shkpla liking to be film, but quite monumental and groundbreaking.

Give it a 9 out of Thank you for shkola. I wanted very much to write about ordinary ugliness at our screens. After all, as usual, dilm indicate that all very well, or show that everything is very bad. Appeared director, which shows that everything is very bad, and in Russia's school.

Valeria Sxe Germanica. As a man, spent 5 shkoola in the Moscow school, plus film man the same age as "director" of the films I want to say that all that is shown in these films complete nonsense, complete nonsense, which is not even worth discussing.

So that shown in the film - does not happen in reality, it sex non-science fiction. About the film - absolutely rigid plot, a plot of the three brainless cheeks who constantly commit stupid acts. Well there is no such in our schools. If a situation of million inhabitants of Russia and the accident occurred, the show is like a "normal" school, I think blasphemy.

Sidedness of the film is striking. And the most interesting that constantly while watching it seems that until the movie is not good enough "little" - in the end I realized what was lacking, not enough truth.

About the Series does not want to talk. Absolutely unnatural shkola, absolutely. As a teacher sex literature, can dilm so crooked writing on the blackboard. How sex a teacher fulm lead a lesson as did the physics teacher - will not be sex shlola teacher called him a student at all, yes, even one on one, blunt, nonsense once. Teachers "allegedly" did film control the children. Children allegedly unruly beast - a man comes to him as soon as a person made in the corridor - an fipm. Well, not all actually.

We're Russian people. Yes, there are cattle, there are freaks. But most people and children in schools - adequate normal Russian people. I couldn't see gang seize power at school, power over the classes in which they learn, most often they just find their own kind, and become outcasts. The question, who needs all this show on the first channel?

There is a first thought - with the director film the film, there was some unpleasantness when she was studying in shkola th grade. So she takes off "girls" - about alcohol, sex and sex, "boys" - about alcohol, sex and boys, "all will die and I'll stay" - about alcohol, sex, girls and boys, "the school" - about the girls and boys, alcohol, sex.

To be honest, I'm against censorship, and now the State Duma is discussing the possibility to disable it to show.

And what do they have? Remember the "childhood" - about school life, we prophesied two series - "Adolescents of Degrassi Street" and "Beverly Hills

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