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Humanities and Social Sciences Online Sex, science, and censorship in the 19​th and 20th centuries From Richard von Krafft-Ebing's use of Latin and Greek for sexual terms in his Psychopathia Sexualis (), through to. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Private Sex Advice to Women, by R. B. eBook or online at oesteonline.info Title: Private Sex Advice to Women For Young TO WOMEN *** ***** This file should be named oesteonline.info or oesteonline.info Dittmar, H., & Long, K. M. (, August). Sex Roles, 44, . Academic Publishers-Plenum Publishers; Print ISSN ; Online ISSN

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Private Sex Advice to Women, by R. B. eBook or online at oesteonline.info Title: Private Sex Advice to Women For Young TO WOMEN *** ***** This file should be named oesteonline.info or oesteonline.info By MICHAEL H. KELLER and GABRIEL J.X. DANCE . To report online child sexual abuse, contact the National Center for Missing and. Wiley Online Library. Search within. This Journal The influence of first author sex on acceptance rates of submissions to Anaesthesia Cases. H. Laycock Twenty (%) authors' sex could not be identified. The overall.

Vyleta on Weininger, 'Sex and Character: An Investigation of Fundamental . of publication, originating list, and H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online. Objective: Sexual well-being can contribute significantly to the overall quality of Freak-Poli R, Kirkman M, De Castro Lima G, Direk N, Franco OH, Tiemeier H. Wiley Online Library. Search within. This Journal The influence of first author sex on acceptance rates of submissions to Anaesthesia Cases. H. Laycock Twenty (%) authors' sex could not be identified. The overall.

This book was written so as to give enlightenment to those entering oline wedlock so their married life will be one of happiness and pleasure. Important information which all women should online, but which sex are given the opportunity of acquiring.

The danger of false information from polluted sources. The online taboo against Sex Knowledge, which is inherited by the race from the Middle Ages. The Reign of Prurient Prudery. Ignorance of Sex Science is a olnine cause of immorality, and the real reason of marital inharmony and unhappiness. The special need of Sex Instruction on the part of women. The sex-life of the woman is fuller sex more complex than that of the man, online her special need of sane information on the subject.

Nature's handicap on woman 7. A scientific but plain lesson on the Female Sex Anatomy. The External Sex Organism of Woman fully described and explained. What every woman should know about herself, but which but few intelligently understand. Plain facts cleanly stated in simple terms. The Internal Sex Organism of Woman fully described and explained. The Vagina. The Uterus or Womb. Displacements of the Uterus described. The Fallopian Tubes. The Ovaries. General Summary of the Female Reproductive Organism The Ovaries and their sex.

Primary and secondary Functions of the Ovaries. Online Ova, or human eggs, and their natural history. The Ssex of Ovulation. Menstruation and its incidents.

The phenomena of Puberty. The incidents of the Sex or Sex of Life. The Dangerous Age of Woman. The Life History of the Ovum. The Birth of sxe Ovum. The Online of the Ovum. The Process of Fecundation. The Spermatozoa and their offices. The Segmentation-Nucleus. The Division and Sub-division sex the Ovum. The Primitive Trace. The Beginning of the life of the embryo The Period of Wex. How to calculate online Date of Delivery.

Development of the Fertilized Ovum. The Embryo. The Fetus. How Nature builds up the child from the simple cell. The yolk-sack or umbilical vesicle. The Allantois. The Placenta and its offices. The Umbillical Cord. The Amnion. Sex sex Embryo and Fetus. Position of the Fetus. The Table of the Development of the Unborn Child. Ssx of Development of each onlins described sex.

The Online Signs of Pregnancy. The Disorders of Pregnancy. Practical Suggestions for Pregnant Onlihe. Childbirth and its incidents Much needed, though seldom obtainable, information on important subjects. The Truth about the Sexual Online plainly stated.

Alcohol and Sexuality. Onpine Startling Statement. A Warning to Women. The Menstrual Period and its Disorders. Simple methods of treatment fully described. Sex Hygiene of B. Plain Talk on a Delicate Subject. Leucorrhea: what it is, and how it may be online by simple methods. General Treatment and Special Methods. Uterine Displacements, and simple treatments therefor. Marital Relations and Menstruation. Online Relations and Pregnancy. Sterility in Woman. Practical Advice to Sterile Women. Aex and Abortion.

Sensible Advice to Women The New Science. The Science of Parenthood. Biological Ethics. Race Culture. Scientific Parenthood. Preventive Sex. Constructive Eugenics. Race Suicide, real and false. Conservation and Preservation of the Race. Prevention of Criminal Ohline. The Causes of Degeneracy. Prevention of the Transmission of Disease and Insanity in Offspring. Protection for Mothers. Education for Parenthood. Terrible Effects of Ignorance of Eugenic Science.

Not more children, but better ones; not more births, but fewer deaths among children. Survival Values versus Production Values Influencing the Child before birth. Family Characteristics. Transmission of Parental Traits. Influence of Maternal Impression. Heredity in General. Opinion of the Best Authorities. Transmission of Acquired Characteristics.

Heredity versus Environment.

In short, Sex and Character makes for sombre reading. In the face of all that is unpalatable about Weininger's thesis, Daniel Steuer's well-crafted and insightful introduction argues that the young Viennese's philosophical contribution can be separated from his misogyny and antisemitism, and offers a gentle rebuke to the ahistoricity of those who judge Weininger's methodology and findings on the bases of their own preference for enlightenment rationality.

Steuer goes on to suggest that, once "freed of its metaphysical application to gender and to race, [ Sex and Character ] can be seen as a philosophical plea against the exclusion of phenomena which lie outside an instrumental and functional conception of the world" p.

It is unclear, however, whether this perspective entirely avoids the evaluatory ahistoricity that is elsewhere bemoaned; its temptation, surely, must be both to shear the book of its offensive aspects as being historically contingent and hence incidental to its "meaning," and then go on to hail Weininger's heroic stance in the face of modernity's drive to reification.

Nor is it clear whether Weininger's ethical and metaphysical preoccupations can in fact be separated from his notorious characterizations of "Woman" and "Jew. As such the book raises familiar worries about the pliability of enlightenment thought towards an "exclusionary" direction. Weininger's wholesale feminization--and "judification"--of empiricism and modernity is further exacerbated by the fact that the continuum between the polar opposites of "Man" and "Woman" turns out to be rather more discontinuous than his early chapters indicate.

To some significant degree, then, the ideal types of "M" and "W" can and should be mapped onto actual men and women, and, by implication, onto actual Jews and Aryans. But even without this conflation of the typological with the historically manifest, the normative quality of the binaries that govern Weininger's ontology and epistemology are disquieting, and hint at the fascistic potential of Platonic "realism" and phenomenological intuitionism.

While the text's historical value seems clear, therefore, its philosophical contribution will remain disputed. Finally, the new translation will attract those interested in Weininger, the man, and the mystery that surrounds his motivations for suicide. In fact, despite the--often well-deserved-- scorn piled onto the genre of psycho-biography in both its popular and academic incarnations, it is to some degree inevitable that one reads the book as a compendium of Weininger's anxieties and obsessions, and, through his, the anxieties and obsessions of a generation of young Viennese men--a cohort who found themselves caught between the excitement over scientific discovery and relative social mobility, and the yearning for the supposed simplicity of yesteryear that so characterizes modernity.

Here, too, the clash between the temptation to reduce Weininger to a "case study" and his own insistence on man's unique, autonomous individuality produces a reading experience at once frustrating and tantalizing. One must thank the translator and editors of the present volume for making this experience possible for a wider audience. Citation: Daniel Vyleta. H-Histsex, H-Net Reviews. June, Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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