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Define lo que es el abuso sexual intrafamiliar y los efectos que tiene en el niño y otros Lo Que Los Padres Necesitan Saber Acerca Del Abuso Sexual Infantil. They are forced to engage in sexual activity, often for the financial gain of their abuser. The Child Sex Trafficking Team (CSTT) in the Office of the Governor is de Subvenciones de Seguridad Interna · Equipo contra Tráfico Sexual Infantil. About this Talk (Spanish): El Abuso Sexual Infantil afecta a millones de personas en nuestro país. En esta charla, Eduardo Cruz de la.

About this Talk (Spanish): El Abuso Sexual Infantil afecta a millones de personas en nuestro país. En esta charla, Eduardo Cruz de la. Si usted es un(a) adulto(a) que sufrió de abuso sexual cuando era niño(a), debe entender A. Abuso sexual infantil, reportado a las autoridades a cargo del. El abuso sexual es un delito grave que altera la vida de un menor para el resto de De abuso sexual infantil es un delito muy grave que puede afectar a una.

Si usted es un(a) adulto(a) que sufrió de abuso sexual cuando era niño(a), debe entender A. Abuso sexual infantil, reportado a las autoridades a cargo del. About this Talk (Spanish): El Abuso Sexual Infantil afecta a millones de personas en nuestro país. En esta charla, Eduardo Cruz de la. Psychological injury in victims of child sexual abuse: A meta-analytic review. Daño psicológico en víctimas de abuso sexual infantil: Una revisión meta-​analítica.

Psychological injury in victims of child sexual abuse: A meta-analytic review. Given the abundant literature, only studies indexed in the scientific database of reference, the Web of Science, were selected. The probability of chronic injury dysthymia was greater than developing more severe injury, i. In the category of anxiety disorders, injury was expressed with a higher probability in specific phobia.

Infantil for the sex of abuse, the meta-analysis revealed infantkl abuse involving penetration was linked to severe injury, whereas abuse with no contact was associated to less serious injury.

The clinical, social, and legal implications of the results are discussed. Key words: Child sexual abuse, Adolescent sexual abuse, Psychological injury, Victimization, Meta-analysis. Palabras clave: Abuso sexual infantil. Abuso sexual adolescente. The World Health Organization WHO, defines child sexual ifnantil CSA as involvement of a child in sexual activity that he or she does not fully comprehend, is unable to give informed consent to, or for which the child is not developmentally infaantil and cannot give consent, or that violates the laws or social taboos of society.

These authors often refer to the characteristics of the aggressor e. Psychological injury is classified according to infantll broad diagnostic sx mood disorders and depressive disorders as dex by the Sdx and DSM-V, respectivelyand anxiety disorders Jumper, ; Maniglio, ; Paolucci et al. The manifestation of sequelae in symptoms or in a particular disorder was related to the variables specific to each individual. Succinctly, the prevalence and severity of injury has been reported to be different for females and for males Jonas et al.

Owing to the clinical, social, and legal implications of the results, the meta-analytical technique to be employed should not be constrained to standard effect sizes with their significance, generalization, and assessment of moderators, but should also quantify injury in terms of populations i.

The process for selecting scientific studies began with infanfil search in the meta-search engines i. The vast majority of the search results yielded, indantil compromising wex requirements for performing a robust meta-analysis i. Thus, the next step was to search for studies in one of the world's leading scientific databases iinfantil reference, the Web of Science.

All of the databases of scientific papers Core Collection, Current Contents, Medline, Scielo, KCI-Korean were searched to include not only scientific literature par excellence, but also cultural concepts i. Nevertheless, the race or ethnicity of victims of sexual abuse was not related in itself to the manifestation of depressive or anxiety disorders Mennen, In the second search in sex Dex of Science, the same English language descriptors were used given that all of the descriptors in these databases are in English.

Following a method of successive approximations, all of the keywords were reviewed in the selected articles in nifantil search for other potential descriptors. This method identified other descriptors employed by other authors e. In all, the system yielded more than 15, searching by child sexual abuse and 2, searching by child sexual infantul AND depression OR anxiety studies that were finally reduced to 78 after applying the following inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Studies failing to infantil the prescribed requirements were excluded, as were cases where, after contacting the authors, the data required was not facilitated for inrantil computation of the effect sizes. In addition, studies with data errors e. Similarly, studies failing to guarantee the mutual exclusion of the victim of sexual abuse condition from other forms of maltreatment were also excluded e.

The inclusion of studies was restricted in time to studies published since given the profusion of meta-analysis on studies up to Jumper, All of the studies selected had been published in double blind peer-reviewed scientific journals indexed at the Web of Science. The following data from the studies sex coded for the meta-analysis: variables measuring the effects of abuse i.

Appendix 1 shows the characteristics of the primary studies included in the present meta-analysis. When several measures of anxiety were reported e. Moreover, when the sample was subdivided into subtypes of abuse, the effect infantil were weighted in order to obtain an overall size. As most of studies fail to provide correlations between sexual abuse and the measures of sequelae of internalizing disorders i. Sex the results were expressed in Z values, they were transformed into correlations, phi was obtained from 2 x 2 tables, and when in odds ratio converted to correlations.

Infatnil formulas for converting the other effect sizes to correlations were taken from Cohen and Rosenthal For predictor reliability, the measure of sexual abuse, the reliability coefficients obtained from the primary studies were computed.

When studies failed to report reliability coefficients or reported concordance, which is not reliability, sex reliability was calculated on the basis of the primary studies. Succinctly, the measure of the predictor, victims of sexual abuse, was reliable see Table 1 with a limit below. Criterion reliability was drawn from the primary studies, the ori-ginal publication of the instrument itself and, in the absence of both, completed with the means for those contingencies where they were unavailable.

The mean reliability, infantil error, and confidence intervals for each measure are shown in Table 2. In short, the measure of criteria reliability ranged from. The results identified 6 outliers. Thus, a total of 6 studies were eliminated from the meta-analysis as outliers.

Though results were generalizable in three measures general sequelae, depression, and anxiety infantip, the literature recommends assessing the potential differential effects of gender, type infantil measure, and type of abuse meta-analysis. In short, it is well known that the base rate for symptoms and clinical diagnosis differ from males to females.

Nolen-Hoeksema, This view is so firmly established that most of the psychometric measurement instruments extensively used in clinical practice score sex separately to females.

Likewise, according to the leading international organisations classifying mental disorders American Psychiatric Association, ; WHO,there is a higher prevalence of diagnosed depression and anxiety among females than males, including school-aged children and adolescents.

Similarly, the type of abuse suffered i. As for the variables measuring the effects on victims of abuse, infantil. In other words, they are ijfantil measures, given that they measure different sex, so they may have a differential sensitivity to injury.

Gender effects. Thus, in the latter case, the results exhibited moderators mediated the direction of the effects. In prevalence rates odds ratioinjury in depression for female and male victims was 2. Effects of the type of measure. Infantil meta-analysis of major depressive disorder and dysthymia persistent depressive disorder nesting in the diagnosis of depression see Table 5confirmed a significant and positive effect, of a medium size, and generalizable.

Thus, the prevalence of a dysthymic infaantil in victims of abuse was 6. Similarly, the meta-analysis on generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobia, social phobia, and panic disorder were nested in anxiety disorders see Table 5 found a significant and positive effect, of a medium to intantil, and generalizable for every infanhil.

Effects of the type of abuse. The results of the meta-analysis on the type of abuse sxe no contact, contact, and penetration revealed a significant and positive effect, of small size, and generalizable in depression and anxiety see Table 6.

Effects of the interaction type of measure and gender. In the diagnosis of depressive disorders see Table 7the effect sizes infabtil positive and significant infzntil both males and females, of a small size for males and a medium one for females, which were generalizable for females, but not for males the effects of the moderators could not sex assessed in this case due to the very sx k.

Moreover, for the diagnosis of anxiety disorders the effect sizes were positive, significant, and of a small size for both males and females, generalizable for females, but not so for males once again, moderators could not be found due to the very small k. This reveals that female victims had 2.

The effect sizes in depressive symptoms were significant, positive, of small sizes, generalizable, and similar ns for both males and females. As for anxiety symptoms, the effect sizes were significant, positive, of small sizes, and generalizable for both males and females.

This was demonstrated in the following:. This finding indantil that offenders are not only criminally responsible for knfantil deeds, but are also liable to infantl compensation payments for injuries caused to victims.

However, symptoms are not an optimum indicator of injury. The evaluation techniques characteristic to clinical diagnosis dex clinical symptoms may explain these differences. Furthermore, the diagnostic threshold was much stricter than for symptoms, which underscores its greater sensitivity and specificity. Thus, the benchmark for future research should be the diagnosed measure of injury based on an interview task, rather than symptoms based on indantil psychometric measure.

Moreover, the expression of injury as dysthymia was significantly greater than for major depressive disorder, that is, infanti probability of chronic injury dysthymic was greater than more serious injury major depressive disorder.

These results lend support to the distinction in the legal classification of both criminal typologies. This meta-analysis entails certain limitations that should be borne in mind when interpreting the data. Moreover, victim self-reports of sexual abuse may bias the results towards concealing them false negativesin particular for males Stoltenborgh et al. Third, the effect of infantil variable under analysis in primary studies was not completely isolated as in many sex victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, and other categories appear under the same umbrella.

Fourth, as some studies seex no control group, the normative population was taken as the contrast group, or it was not equivalent to the experimental one with the subsequent potential for distortion in the calculated effect sizes Briere, Further research is required to determine which infnatil inhibit the generalization of the effects in the general measure of anxiety in the male population and infajtil the diagnosis of depression and anxiety. The authors of this article declare no conflict of interest.

Seex marked with an asterisk indicate studies included in the meta-analysis. Amado, Infantil. American Psychiatric Association. Sex and statistical manual infantil mental disorders 5th ed. Arce, R. Buela-Casal Eds. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva. Childhood abuse and mental health indicators among ethnically diverse lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 74, intantil Briere, J. Methodological issues in the study of sexual abuse effects. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 60, Prevalence and psychological sequelae of self-reported childhood physical and sexual abuse in a general population simple of men and women. Childhood abuse and neglect: Specificity of effects on adolescent and young adult depression and suicidality.

Bulik, C. Features of childhood sexual abuse and the development of psychiatric and substance use disorders. British Journal of Psychiatry, The role of traumagenic dynamics on the psychological adjustment of survivors of child sexual abuse.

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