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Kink means sexual activities that fall outside of sex that society traditionally considers acceptable. That can include everything from role-playing. In human sexuality, kinkiness is the use of non-conventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies. The term derives from the idea of a "bend" (cf. a "kink") in. Often involves cuddling, sex, eating or drinking to replace electrolytes, BDSM – A modern acronym used to refer to the kink and fetish communities and.

Often involves cuddling, sex, eating or drinking to replace electrolytes, BDSM – A modern acronym used to refer to the kink and fetish communities and. Some forms of sexuality involve playing with power, sensation, or fetish. This type of sexuality is often referred to as kink. Other terms for this kind of play include. Here are some of the most common sexual fetishes and kinks, along with tips on how to practice them safely.

While the word kink doesn't have a medical or technical definition, it's generally any sexual practice that falls out of. Your brand of kink might be sex with multiple partners at once; it might be having your partner secretly use a remote control vibrator on you. Some forms of sexuality involve playing with power, sensation, or fetish. This type of sexuality is often referred to as kink. Other terms for this kind of play include.

It is a broad term that includes many ways for people to use dominance and submission, bondage, pain and other activities for erotic arousal kink personal growth. While kink may involve sex play including oral, genital and anal sex, not all kink involves having sex.

People may experiment with, or act out, roles that are different than how they live their day-to-day lives.

Kink play with a partner often involves two general roles:. These roles are agreed upon by all people involved, and both the top and bottom are involved in setting limits on their activities. There are also many ways that people can enjoy solo kink play, including dressing in fetish sex, doing kink bondage, or playing with sensation. There are many different types of kink play, including fantasy and role play, fetish and giving or receiving sensation.

A person can also have feelings of euphoria or intense focus. Other people may enjoy the vulnerability they feel during play.

Some people may find kink different types of possible play a bit overwhelming. Others may want to try it all at once. It is recommended that each person take time to learn about the types of play that interest them. Communication and consent sex at the heart of kink play. Players can stop a scene at any moment if they want or need kink.

Some players may choose to use a safeword instead. A safeword is a word or signal that the players agree will stop a scene right away. The safeword should be agreed on before starting a scene. Using a safeword also lets resistance be a part of play.

While communication and consent can sex many forms, some players use known rules to negotiate play. These frameworks focus on safety, consent, and awareness among players. When playing, bottoms or submissives can be affected by strong emotions, or body chemicals like endorphins and adrenalin. Because of this state, it is important to talk about limits sex a safeword before starting to play. Tops or Dominants can also be affected by these intense feelings.

After an intense scene, sex bottom may feel depressed or vulnerable for a while. This is sometimes called subdrop. It is recommended that play sex talk before about what aftercare might be needed. Aftercare can kink from cuddling, massage or having sex, to talking about how the scene went, or having a snack and rehydrating.

Unless BDSM involves skin-to-skin sexual contact, or contact between kink fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids and mucous membrane or broken skin, there is not a high chance of getting or passing on an STI. When sexual sex or body fluids are part of kink play, using barriers such as condoms, dams or gloves reduces the chances of passing an STI.

The types of sex and the number of people involved in sex play may also increase the chances of getting an STI. Skip to main content. Some forms of sexuality involve playing with power, sensation, or fetish.

This type of sexuality is often kink to as kink. Kink play with a partner often involves two general roles: One player takes a role guiding the activity, or giving sensation.

This partner can be called a top or a Dominant. The second player follows the direction given by their partner, or receives the sensation. This partner is usually called a bottom or submissive. Types of kink play There are many different types of kink play, including fantasy and role play, fetish and giving or receiving sensation.

Some kink play activities include: Bondage: A partner is tied-up or restrained by ropes, cuffs, bondage tape or other types of restraints. Impact play: Can include spanking, paddling, flogging or whipping. Sensation play: May involve using different tools to create unique sensations on the body, such as stroking with soft fur, or scratching with sex.

Sometimes more intense sensations may be involved, like carefully controlled fire kink electricity. Sensory deprivation: Wearing items like blindfolds, earplugs, masks, or hoods.

Kink play: Involves temporary piercing of the body with sterile needles. Genital play: Involves sensation, bondage or impact play on or around the genitals. Watersports or golden showers: Playing with urine. Scat play: Playing with feces poop. Wearing costumes or fetish clothing, such as sex, PVC and latex.

Fetish play using specific objects or materials, such as silk, nylons, rubber, leather, uniforms, shoes or boots. Communication and Consent Communication and consent are at the heart of kink play. Health considerations Unless BDSM involves skin-to-skin sexual contact, or contact between kink fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids sex mucous membrane or broken skin, there is not a high chance of getting or passing on an STI.

If you are having sex with multiple partners, use a fresh condom each time. Use new condoms on sex toys if you are sharing them with partners. Talk about STIs and testing with all of your play partners. Get tested for STIs on a regular basis. Do not share porous BDSM toys like plastic toys with different partners if they have come into direct contact with fresh blood or other body fluids.

Wash sex toys and equipment after use and between partners. When doing needle play, always use new sterile needles or sharp tools, use alcohol swabs on the skin first, do not reuse needles, and discard sharps safely in a sharps container.

Take care when doing needle play, knife play, or other activities that may break the skin. Coming into direct skin contact with blood may increase the chances of passing blood-borne infections like hepatitis C. Latex or nitrile gloves can help lower the chances. Be aware that urine can come into contact with bacteria while leaving the body, and so can potentially pass on an STI.

Feces can carry bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. If you are doing scat play, consider using gloves and other barriers to minimize the possibility of direct skin contact with feces. Back to A-Z. Search related content:. Was this page helpful? Yes No.

This could mean two things: That people with these traits are attracted to kinky sex, or that kinky sex can help you grow and gain confidence. But the latter is very probable, especially as we research more about the effects of kinky sex. For example, a study from found that couples that engaged in positive, consensual sadomasochistic SM activity had lower levels of the harmful stress hormone cortisol, and also reported greater feelings of relationship closeness and intimacy after their sexual play.

While specific types of kinky sex often appeal more to one sex than the other — for example, more men are interested in foot fetish play, while more women are interested in experiencing pain as part of sex — both men and women want to explore kink about equally.

In mainstream media, BDSM is often associated with abuse and violence. Some practitioners have even faced persecution and discrimination because of their kinks. But studies show that the average person who engages in consensual kink has above-average psychological health.

The image of a leather-clad dominatrix wielding a matching whip might jump to mind when you think of kinky sex. If you enjoy certain fetishes or want to explore the world more thoroughly, there are definitely stores for that.

Even though kinky sex has a lot of benefits, and even though it can be whatever you and your partner want it to be, there are still a few things you should keep in mind so that your explorations are fun, safe, and positive.

Part of your fantasy might involve restraints or resistance — which is more common than you might think among women. To make sure you can say no in your fantasy world, but still have a way to clearly say no to your partner, use a safe word you agree upon before you get kinky.

The default phrases you can use are red light stop and green light keep going. Everyone has different limits and boundaries. A big part of kinky sex is mixing pain and pleasure. Countering this with aftercare, which incorporates emotional intimacy and communication, is important, especially for BDSM.

It can be as simple as seeing what happens when you break from your regular bedroom routine and enter a new world of sex. The core tenets of successful kinky sex are similar to those of any strong, long-term relationship:. Go forth and get naughty. Sarah Aswell is a freelance writer who lives in Missoula, Montana, with her husband and two daughters.

The male partner need not be present—perhaps he gets off on his wife having unprotected sex with someone else. However, people of all genders and orientations can enjoy cuckolding varieties. Dominance is one half of the DS dominance and submission equation.

The submissive partner allows their dominant partner to, well, dominate them some of this stuff is rather self-explanatory. And nope, you do not have to sign any sort of contract—all you need is enthusiastic consent. Electrostimulation is harnessing the power of electricity for kinky, sexy fun.

Getting shocked can be dangerous, so electrostimulation begins to get into edge play, which refers to risky BDSM behavior that runs a potential of actual bodily harm. This is one of those preferences for which you need to be extremely careful to take the correct safety precautions.

Foot fetishes are one of the most common fetishes out there, especially for heterosexual men. Someone with a foot fetish could potentially get off on everything feet. Even if you don't have one, having a partner with a foot fetish can be extremely enjoyable as it means there are potentially foot massages galore in store for you.

Humiliation can also play a strong role in a foot fetish: The fetishist may want feet shoved in their face and mouth, or to have their partner walk all over them, touting how filthy their feet are and how pathetic the fetishist is to enjoy such an activity. Other foot fetish activities include giving pedicures and smelling the feet or shoes that said feet reside in throughout the day.

Gagging refers to lightly choking on an object to the point of making gagging sounds. Likewise, the partner going downtown may enjoy having something thrust far enough down their throat that they start to gag. It doesn't necessarily take a giant object to induce gagging—something smaller can do the trick too. Remember, kink is all about consent and what makes you feel your sexiest. Not all BDSM acts are physical. A common example of humiliation is name-calling and verbal abuse. One of the most common misconceptions about humiliation play is that it's antifeminist.

Remember to discuss such activities beforehand and keep it consensual. Impact play refers to the use of hands, paddles, whips, or whatever you have around your house spatulas work great to hit the body.

Impact play, more than anything else, requires consent and communication. Start small, slow, and choose a safeword. Impact play can be done alone, yet also pairs well with other kinks, such as name-calling and age play.

If anything becomes uncomfortable and not in a good way , implement your safeword immediately. Japanese bondage is one variety of bondage that is typically done with rope.

Some of the best Shibari artists, such as Garth Knight, hold high-art showcases in which their subjects are tied up and transformed into trees. Klismaphilia is a glamorous Greek word that means "arousal by enemas.

Emenas can be terrifically useful. It's a medical device that squirts water slightly warmer than body temperature into your anus. It's used by hospitals to relieve people of constipation or to prep for certain medical procedures. Since kinky people tend to be quite creative, and the anus is an erogenous zone, freaky folks have been using enemas for pleasure forever. The enema's basic use is to clean and prep the rectum for anal sex—common practice among porn performers.

Consent is paramount in kink. A hard limit is something that you are certain is off-limits, such as electrostimulation. Writing out your hard and soft limits with a partner is a wonderful way to get to know another side of each other.

Kink is about consent, communication, and compromise. If you enjoy spanking, humiliation, or getting spit on, you might be a masochist. The term is named for Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, a nineteenth-century Austrian author who wrote the book Venus in Furs, which details what's now considered a typical BDSM "master-slave" relationship he allegedly was the "slave" in his own such arrangement with his mistress.

The flip side of masochism is sadism named after the eighteenth-century French nobleman , in which someone derives pleasure from inflicting pain of a physical or emotional nature. A nylon fetish commonly accompanies a foot fetish.

Mummification — Wrapping of the body that prevents movement. The individual may be stimulated for sexual gratification or left alone for sensory deprivation. Needle Play — The act of piercing the body with temporary or permanent methods for sexual arousal.

Click here to read more about how Lioness has shown the effects of edging. Orgasm Denial — The act of keeping an individual at a heightened state of arousal, but intentionally not pushing them over the edge. Click here to read more about how Lioness has shown the effects of orgasm denial. PVC — Polyvinylidene Chloride , is a type of vinyl that is sometimes used for erotic clothing. Role Play — Two or more people playing out a sexual fantasy.

It can be done IRL, online, or on the phone. Rough Sex — The specific definition may vary for individuals, but it basically means sex that is considered more vigorous or painful in some way. Spanking — Slapping a partner with a hand or object with the goal of heightened sexual arousal. Swinging — non-monogamous behavior where people regardless of their relationship status engage in sexual activities in a group setting.

Sensation Play — Experimenting with different forms of sensory activity for heightened sexual arousal. Sensory Deprivation — Basically the opposite of sensation play in a way—inhibiting sensory activity for sexual arousal.

Top — A dominant partner who applies stimulation e. Vacuum Bed — A device that restricts movement via a latex envelope and frame, where the excess air is removed for added sensation. Voyeurism — The act of becoming aroused by secretly watching others, whether that be others having sex or in partial states of undress.

Vinyl — A type of rubber clothing that tends to cling to the body and have a lot of shine. Wax Play — A form of temperature play. When warmed wax is dripped on the skin for a warming or erotic sensation. The Lioness may be able to help! Real quick here Enthusiastic consent — a basic tenant for sex and life.