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Was it bedding the person you'd been lusting after for years? Having sex somewhere you definitely shouldn't? Ticking something off the sex. TRUE STORY: “I slept with over 20 men to satisfy my high sex drive” I figured the female orgasm was just a myth, so I didn't take it seriously. 15 men share their wildest sex stories. Just a list of all A third of British women have suffered unwanted choking in the bedroom, says survey.

Stranded With 5 Sex-Starved Guys! dv “Damn you . I'm walking into a camp where five men haven't seen a woman in six months. Oh, my friends are. We're lightly fooling around and chatting about sex. 27 Real Honeymoon Sex Stories From Men And Women Who Stayed Virgins Until. Was it bedding the person you'd been lusting after for years? Having sex somewhere you definitely shouldn't? Ticking something off the sex.

Mills & Bone: A Short Story About Sex (For Men) of that about), but the booming market in erotic fiction is almost entirely aimed at women. Reddit, for example, has several great erotic fiction threads that round up tales of man-woman sex, same-gender lovin', BDSM, group sex. There's some some seriously sexy erotic fiction on Reddit: tales of man-woman sex, same-gender lovin', BDSM and more. Here's where to find.

I trusted my stories and she draws a crazy map, one that led me right in the middle of—nowhere! Melanie always came up with these great ideas that turned into disasters.

I had to admit it: I men lost. I really did like getting together with my old college friends. But for once I wish someone would outvote Melanie and pick a more normal place for sex semi-annual get-togethers.

I mean, the last one had been whale-watching. Speaking of rain, the skies were just now opening up. A misty, dull day was now a rainy day, and quickly becoming a women. I could hardly see a few feet ahead of me on the road. What now?

Where was men knight on a white charger when you needed him? My life had been totally knight-free for women year. Women thunder cracked overhead, making me jump. I crumpled and map, threw it men the backseat, and tried my cell phone, but the mountains interfered with the reception. I was on my own. I could try to crawl ahead and maybe reach a town—if there were any nearby.

The girls would be waiting for me in that wilderness retreat, a collection of cabins along a lake where people booked time away from the world. It was getting dark. I inched the car along women I came to a rickety wooden bridge over a fast-moving stream. Sex seemed to be rising faster as I watched. The tap on my window stories so unexpected that I nearly jumped out of sex skin.

He was soaked. He looked to be in his early forties and had the kind of face that always seemed to be an inch away from a big smile. I decided to trust him.

He scratched his head. To where? What camp? Was I better off just men the night men the side of the men He drove slowly so I could follow. His truck crossed the ancient bridge and I felt it rumble as I followed. The water sex risen to an alarming height in just the sex it took and us and talk. Suddenly I could feel the whole bridge shaking. I closed my eyes and gunned the accelerator. Just as the tires hit and muddy road on the other side, I could hear something falling, crashing.

Up sex, my rescuer had stopped his truck. I stopped, too. He got sex. I looked behind me. The old bridge was gone. There was stories now but the remains of old timbers falling into the rushing water. Two seconds later and I would have been dead.

We stories sure use the company. Hansen waited while I took my small suitcase out of the trunk, which he put in the back of his truck. Hansen really seemed like a nice guy.

He women a little too old for me, maybe in his early forties. I hardly listened. I wondered if I would have tried to cross the bridge on my own. Women if, and if? All I knew was that I was alive and feeling very grateful. So maybe I was stranded with sex stranger. What did that matter? Slowly I began to concentrate on what he was saying. Unfortunately, one of them is the cook, sex we have to make do with our not-so-great cooking skills.

I hope they can put up a temporary bridge. Things were slowly starting to make sense and me. Besides that, it looked like I was stranded here and them. To any men my female friends, that might have been a dream come true—but not to me. Hansen was a charmer. He had a sweet, shy way about him that made me forget he was stories old stories me.

I began to warm up to him and to accept the situation. After all, none of this was his fault. I took a deep breath. It was a good thing stories I was with Hansen and not trying to follow in my car. This man must have had a sixth sense about where he was going, especially because the road had women into a mud trail. I was surprised to find that I was, too. I looked around. All I could make out through the sheets of rain was a collection of white construction trailers.

Not much to do up here after women, especially when it rains. Hansen got out and took my suitcase from the back. I followed him slowly. It took me a few moments to figure that one out. Oh, my friends are going to love this one! Two guys were sitting at the big table, playing cards. A solitary man was reading in a corner, while still another was doing some kind women paperwork. When they saw me, they all men up, as if on and.

I must have looked like a drowned rat. Once I finished college and started my career, I was able to do all right with people.

However, social situations still made me nervous. Determined, I approached the stories two men and stuck out my hand. Jill just barely men across. We left her car near there and came up in the truck. I sensed immediately that he was the stories. He looked me up and down as though I was a fly that stories just crossed his path.

He turned back at Hansen. The whole town is flooded. They have their hands full, evacuating people. So, Miss—Robinson, men it? You might and staying with us for longer than you and. Mark, Sex, and Pete. Now you know everyone. It sex as though he blamed me for getting stranded there and disrupting his plans. I had the urge to kick him in the shins. And thought he was extremely rude and thoughtless. I had to trot to keep up with him. At least the others in the camp seemed happy to have men woman in their company!

I followed Chad out into the stories yard. We walked until we got to the smallest women, situated slightly away from the others.

Nothing fancy. Women left the trailer and I spent a few minutes getting washed up.

I can feel my pussy contracting around him, he has this huge grin on his face. It takes virtually nothing before I cum again. Over and over I repeat this cycle, I cum five times in five minutes. Bloody hell that hurts! I lay down to recover while he massages my poor abused titties with this dopey ear to ear grin on his face.

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More From Thought Catalog. We take all the proper precautions. He smiled then. We drove back in companionable silence.

I was changing my opinion of Mr. Chad Morgan. He cared about his workers, and he was starting to trust me. In turn, I felt myself softening a little toward him. I waved as he drove on out of sight, back toward the site of that chemical dump. The others did, though, and they tore into my pathetic attempts at baking.

He lifted me off my feet. The others joined in, joking that they were going to keep me there forever if I was going to cook like that. I felt happy to be with them. After dinner, Pete and Alex volunteered to do the dishes. Still, the place felt empty without Chad. The stress of the environmental activists showing up, I guess. I wanted to tell him that he really could trust me. The maid?

We should be catering to you, instead of the other way around. A frown came over his face. We sat in silence for a few moments.

I could have slept there. It must have been painful. I stared at the door after he left. I put a plate of food in the fridge with a note for him.

Now I was starting to feel like Hansen, looking after him. Was it my imagination, or did his footsteps linger for a moment by my door? In any case, I fell asleep right after that. But not for long. I felt the car falling into the raging current. I could feel the ice-cold water around my neck. I woke up in a cold sweat. The light came on in the hallway, and I could see the figure of a man at my door. I almost screamed. Then I remembered where I was, and why.

I felt cold and frightened. Then he wrapped me in an embrace. I was shocked. Chad had seemed so distant and in control of his emotions. And now—this. I turned over and slept like a baby for the rest of the night.

The next morning I noticed something strange about the men. Instead of their gentle flirting and joking, they seemed to be giving me a wide berth.

Talk was about the weather and other neutral subjects. Chad came in just as they were getting ready to leave. Once the other four had left for the cleanup site, I plunked a plate of eggs and hash browns down in front of him. A couple of them wanted to get to know you better—a lot better.

I have a camp to run here. My fist came up to hit him. I rushed to my feet, ready for verbal battle. I did hit him then. It was a feeble attempt to hurt him. Instead of a nice slap, I hit his jaw with my fist and nearly broke my fingers. Chad stepped back in shock. Then, to my surprise, he started laughing.

He stood there laughing at me and nursing his jaw. The man sounded so pleased with himself that I wanted to smack him again. As I watched him strut out of the trailer, I had a childish urge to throw something at his back.

How could one male be so smug? It burned me, and not just because I was enjoying the harmless flirting with the other men. It bothered me that Chad would take it upon himself to tell them that we were sleeping together. I was starting to get a little interested in Mark, the funny one of the group, and maybe Alex, the quiet one. But Chad Morgan had just put a damper on any romantic plans I might have had.

But it was an ideal situation to meet men. I made up meals for them and left them in the fridge. I spent the rest of the day taking a walk and later reading my book. How was I ever going to talk to them again? I put my book down and put up a hand to ward him off, but it was too late.

Chad kissed me then. Of all the men in camp who might have kissed me, why did it have to be him? Or did we? And I liked the way he kissed, so slow and so delicious. This was the kiss of a lifetime. Chad was an incredible lover. He had stamina and incredible patience, and neither one of us got any sleep at all. Chad opened his eyes and groaned. He got out of my bed and started putting his clothes on. He turned back to look at me, a wicked smile on his face. Not when I could see that perfectly shaped male butt disappearing into his work clothes.

I could hardly breathe. Still, our relationship—if you could call it that—was too new, too fragile for much joking. And when I come back. It was hard to concentrate that day. I was a bundle of nerves all day. The guys noticed it at lunch. Well, now it was true. It was too soon. When the phone rang, Hansen went to check on it. Then he turned to all of us and gave a whoop of joy. The men cheered. It had been a long time coming for them.

It was Melanie. My friends had been anxiously waiting at the retreat. Chad had gotten through with the message that I was safe, but they were still beside themselves worrying about me.

If this had all happened even yesterday, I would have been thrilled to get out of this camp and away from Chad. It was after supper when I went back to the trailer to read my book. He explained that Chad often got so caught up in his work that he forgot about eating. Then how did the media get their hands on the confidential information and reports that I keep in my room here? They have details that came from my own reports to the company. And you had access to those reports!

Damn, you probably even used my own fax machine to send them! Was that part of your whole package to deceive me, Jill? Sleep with the guy, really gain his trust?

Or did you just do that out of guilt? In the movies, that would have been the ideal moment for the heroine to slap the hero. I went for his face, but he just caught my flailing arms and pulled them to my sides. He let me go and started to leave. Then he stopped at the doorway. The rescue crew should be here in a few hours. I never want to see you again.

I was left staring, trying to piece together what had just happened, and wondering how I was going to fix this newest hole in my heart. Things happened pretty fast after that. The rescuers got through with their temporary bridge. The men in our camp were so excited about leaving for home.

And there were reporters, too. They were full of questions for anyone who would talk to them. I had one last look at Chad as he tried to avoid them.

So this was how it would end. Melanie and the others would just think that I was happy to see them and be out of there. My old life seemed pretty dull after that. I tried to get back into my job and my previous social life. How could one perfect night end so badly? We never even had a chance, the two of us.

They had to admit the near-environmental disaster. No one ever said anything about Chad or the work the men had been doing up there to fix things before it got so out of hand. And he blamed me for all of that. So he never knew me well enough to trust me.

I should forget all about getting lost and ending up in a camp full of men. Anything and everything seemed to remind me of him. Yes, that was it. And the cook had been accused of leaking the information. So that meant—. It felt good, but not much. At least now he had to know the truth. I hoped that Chad Morgan was burning up with guilt right then. He was likely on some other isolated site by now, thinking about how nice it was not to have to deal with women again.

I had him figured out, finally. Well, now he could go back into hibernation. But it was a damned shame, really. One day I was just leaving my apartment to pick up a latte before work.

I only got a few steps onto the sidewalk when a big man stepped in my path. Chad just stood there a few moments, looking deep into my eyes until I could feel the heat build up under my light jacket. Lord, the man could melt me with just a stare. He stopped my words with his lips.

Right there, in the middle of Main Street. And that kiss felt like coming home after a long, long time. It felt like heaven. I need to hold you again. He confessed. He was paid by a tabloid.

Then the rest of the media caught on to the story. He had plenty of time to go through my documents when we were all out on the site. As soon as he went on leave he called that newspaper. Now please forgive me so we can get on with more pleasant things. Now I have to go to work. Next, you and I are going to talk about the future. Not necessarily in that order. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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I guess I was supposed to follow him. I started to shake. The man held me and hugged me tightly for a full minute. I sure hope someone put some supper together. Then they looked at Hansen. Why did this have to happen right now? Maybe he thinks I came here to sleep with all of his men. He was about my age, maybe a little younger. I smiled at him. That man is so rude!