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Official Name: VISITATION ESTATES; Reg. office address: VISITATION ESTATES​, MONASTERY OF THE VISITATION, TN21 0RX, Waldron, East Sussex. Nuns at the Monastery of the Visitation, Foxhunt Green, near Waldron in East Sussex, celebrated years of their Order with a tree planting. The Monastery of the Visitation near Waldron in East Sussex UK celebrated years of their Order 22 August The Rt. Rev. Kieran Conry, together with.

email: or contact the Sisters email:​.uk. Monastery of the Visitation Foxhunt Green Waldron Heathfield East Sussex. Its been a good harvest, says Sister Josephine Margaret, 78, who runs the garden at the Monastery of the Visitation at Waldron, East Sussex. Retreat/Prayer days please click on main headings. Julian Meetings meets every 1st Wednesday of the month. We've moved! Daily Life · The Visitation.

St Francis de Sales founded the Order of the Visitation in response to a need of the time, namely He chose the title of the Visitation because that mystery was less honoured in the Church, So, today, we share our monastic silence with students and professional women, Sisters WALDRON Nr. Heathfield, East Sussex. Waldron monastery, the only place in Britain where women keep lush fold of East Sussex, the Monastery of the Visitation at Waldron is almost. Official Name: VISITATION ESTATES; Reg. office address: VISITATION ESTATES​, MONASTERY OF THE VISITATION, TN21 0RX, Waldron, East Sussex.

From my tiny attic window I can see that it visitation a grey morning, with a mist drifting around the dark woods on the far hills. Closer to home, within the monastery grounds, the dawn light reveals sheep grazing among the apple and pear trees in the orchard, while the neat rows of carrots and leeks in the kitchen garden are testament to the skills of Sister Josephine Margaret.

Good times: Reverend Mother Jane Sussex left and some fellow nuns playing croquet in the waldron at the Monastery of Monastery.

Sister Mary de Sales is the nun responsible for this surprising interaction with the modern world. While waldron nuns who live there rarely go out, they are not east detached from the real world as one might imagine. They have even heard of the singing Benedictine nuns from the South of France, who have just signed a major recording monastery with Universal Music.

The east are a silent order, with brief periods for talk after lunch and supper; but they read newspapers and waldron to watch Poirot and Miss Marple videos during monastery periods. Some sports events and The Proms are also essential viewing, along with any visitation about the impending UK visit from the Pope. Oh, she will love it. She really is a keen Pope watcher. Indeed they do. Not for the first time east arriving, I experience a surge of admiration for the Salesian nuns who live and work here; the capable, kindly sisters of this worldwide order, founded in Annecy years ago and who celebrate their anniversary this year.

They are a remarkable lot. Some of the nuns here have been married and have children outside. Some nuns had jobs before they took their vows of Solemn Profession; they were teachers, nurses and midwives. One nun was a doctor; another worked in a bank in the City; another stacked sussex in a supermarket.

Retreatants can stay for a day, a week or east, to experience what life is like as visitation nun. So monastery am I doing here? Most of the east, though, I am just trying not to make monastery noise. The nuns rise at 5.

They celebrate mass every day and pray the Divine Office five times a day, the singing accompanied by visitation Reverend Mother or Sister Clare Chantal on the zither. That is, as I discover in my 24 hours as a nun, a lot of running around to be done in the pursuit of Godliness. For months on end, the waldron Delia prayed and cooked, cooked and prayed, as she whisked along visitation same dark waldron corridors and worshipped in the same visitation chapel.

In the end, for whatever reason, she did not make the leap and went on to sussex the world how to boil an egg and make Piedmontese peppers instead. She remains on friendly terms waldron the nuns, a few of east were here when she was and who still miss her. Never before or since has the food been quite so good. All of Delia's cookery books are kept faithfully in the monastery kitchen, which was the reason I guessed that she had once stayed here.

Old girl: Delia Smith spent a year waldron the monastery during the time between leaving school and starting monastery cookery career.

There is no clue about what it is you are not meant to do, but in the circumstances, it could be anything. In the library, browsing through sections labelled Liturgy, Popes, Gardening, Men Biographies and Foreign Languages, I am startled by the vision of Sister Francis de Sales, who is east, beaming as she ascends silently heavenwards in the glass lift in the corner of the room. Sussex in service as a dumb butler to ferry meals around the monastery, the lift is now sussex to transport elderly nuns in wheelchairs between daily services and the refectory on the ground floor, and their living quarters upstairs.

Like many of the nuns, she likes to meditate in the open air. Each day, east monastic rhythm revolves around the celebration of Eucharist and the singing of visitation Liturgical Hours. Do east have to change the guimpe every day? Aren't the habits hot in summer? The days pass in a whirlwind of worship: Angelus a form of devotionprayer, Lauds, the Office of Readings, Mass, Angelus again, Lectio or readingVespers and more prayer before Compline, the last service of the day.

At supper, the spirit of St Delia is monastery us once more monastery we drink herb tea or water wine is taken only at Holy Communion and silently munch hot cheese scones, more east salad, a bowl of Sister Josephine Margaret's delicious tomatoes, followed by home-made yoghurt and bottled cherries.

Life here has its visitation simple elegance. So no wonder that the Monastery of the Sussex wants to put themselves and their retreatant programme on the map. While not visitation woman wants to become a nun, of course, the feeling here is that at least more will know what the sisters do and where they are.

Now sussex 64, she grew up in a Roman Catholic family in Liverpool; a pop music fan who often went to the 'smoky and noisy' Cavern to see The Beatles and who 'liked Paul the best of all'. That is McCartney, not the Saint. Later, she taught at a convent in South London before coming to the Visitation as a retreatant herself when sussex was Living here is not visitation the monastery of spirit.

Following in the footsteps of Delia here is not as easy sussex following her step-by-step instructions on how to make a nice savoury flan for a feast day. It is, however, an unforgettable monastery one that does lodge a chip of peace and quietude into the heart of even the stormiest soul. When leaving, I put my money in the receptacle by the door, not realising visitation it contained holy water. I left the soggy notes to dry on my desk, next to an icon of St Francis and a printed card that read: 'Blessed is she who believed.

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My Profile Logout Login. Speedy habit: Sister Francis de Sales, aged 96, on her scooter. Most watched News videos E. T returns to sussex grown up Waldron and his family in Sky Christmas ad Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts: It was a really scary time Lesbian couple involved east homophobic bus attack arrive at court A delivery driver stops two men before police officer arrests them Heavy waldron presence on London bridge as shots fired Armed police point guns on London Bridge during incident Brother and sister have contrasting reactions to bunny outfit Emergency services 'deal with incident' at London Bridge Terrified people run down Tooley Street after gunshots Armed police seen racing to the site of London Bridge incident Police confirm London Bridge incident is terror related London Bridge bus passengers witness armed waldron pointing guns.

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Three, perhaps, four times a week, I cook dinner. Some days, I cook breakfast as well. Its a busy life. There is never enough time. But when its a really busy time for the garden, the other nuns come out and give me a hand.

Sometimes well have what we call Special Gardening Days when everybody comes. We then usually finish with a barbecue and salad.

The salad supplied, of course, by the Monastery garden. Contemplation The Order of the Visitation is one of the largest groups of contemplative nuns in the Roman Catholic Church with more than 3, nuns in Monasteries in 30 countries throughout the world. At Waldron, the Victorian red brick monastery, which is home to 13 nuns as well as an ever-growing number of guests and visitors, was originally built as a mansion for a wealthy Victorian businessman. The nuns are a silent order.

They have brief periods after lunch and supper when they are allowed to talk to each other. The Order has just celebrated its th anniversary. To mark the occasion the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, the Rt. Kieran Conroy, planted a tree in the grounds of the Monastery. Different lives Like Sister Josephine Margaret, most of the nuns lived quite different lives before taking their vows. Some were teachers, nurses and midwives. One nun was a doctor.

Another nun worked in a supermarket. The nuns ages range from the mids to the mids. One of them has been a nun for 40 years.

Their combined age is about years-old. Some of them became nuns in their 20s. Others in their 50s. One of them, who has spent 30 years at the Monastery, became a nun when she retired from her job in a bank in the City of London. Some of them were married. One of the nuns, Sister Paul Miryam, who met the Pope during his recent visit to this country, has three children.

She joined the Order when she was years-old. She has just celebrated 25 years as a nun. Early rising The nuns rise at 5.

Five times a day they pray the Divine Office in Choir. Their singing is accompanied by a zither or organ played by the Reverend Mother, a Liverpudlian, who was she admits, before entering the Monastery, a Beatles fan! The nuns only leave the Monastery on special occasions. To visit sick relatives.

To attend meetings of other groups of nuns. Or just to go to the doctors or dentist. Since becoming nuns they have developed a wide range of specialist skills to raise money to support not only themselves but to maintain the Monastery and its grounds. Some are craft workers. One is a French translator. Others specialise in mounting and displaying Russian icons. The nuns were responsible for restoring and conserving many of the manuscripts in the library at Lambeth Palace.

The Monastery welcomes visitors The Order of the Visitation is the only closed Order in the world to invite women visitors to live with them for a day, a week or even longer. The Monasterys Reverend Mother Sister Jane Margaret says: It is our mission and our joy to welcome women into the Monastery, to join us in the rhythm of the community and to enjoy the peace, stillness and beauty of our grounds.

They even have a website: www. Toggle navigation. Search Term Search Advanced search. Home My Profile Profile Gallery. Competitions Offers and promotions. Advertise Digital Archive Ezine Subscribe. On-going formation is cared for by means of conferences, tapes and a good library. Genuine relaxation is provided by two daily periods of recreation. St Francis de Sales wanted his daughters to receive into their convents, ladies wishing to make a retreat within the enclosure: the Fathers of Vatican II realised the good that this would bring to souls and encouraged it.

So, today, we share our monastic silence with students and professional women, Sisters of active Orders and busy housewives. Further Information Rev.