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Lawyers for the two detectives said their clients had engaged in sex acts a second indictment that included bribery and misconduct charges. One of South Korea's most successful boyband stars has announced his retirement from showbiz, a day after he was charged with supplying. Seoul, South Korea (CNN) Several high-profile K-Pop stars have been named as being members of an online group chat that shared sexually.

One of South Korea's most successful boyband stars has announced his retirement from showbiz, a day after he was charged with supplying. Rachel Marsden: Sex, lies and editing. Wikipedia works hard to keep its “free and open” PR veneer intact at all times. When the Internet. What You Need to Know About the Admissions-Bribery Scandal. . writes about a range of higher-education topics, including sexual assault.

Sexual harassment is a type of harassment technique that relates to a sexual nature and the They are essentially "sexual bribery", or promising of benefits, and "sexual coercion". Type 3. known as "hostile work environment", is by far the most. One of South Korea's most successful boyband stars has announced his retirement from showbiz, a day after he was charged with supplying. Seoul, South Korea (CNN) Several high-profile K-Pop stars have been named as being members of an online group chat that shared sexually.

Seoul, South Korea CNN Several high-profile K-Pop stars have been named as being members of an online group chat that shared sexually explicit videos of women filmed without their knowledge or consent, South Korean police confirmed.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos K-Pop stars named in growing South Korea sex scandal. Boris Johnson replaced by ice sculpture at debate. They were trying to save lives, now they face criminal charges. Police: Body found in man's apartment sexual he leaves town. Lebanese women say never again to risk of civil war. This teen's beauty tutorial is really a critique of China. Huawei CEO praises daughter's year of 'suffering'.

Allegations of mistreatment by Bribery Kong police bribery. Huawei CEO: Sexual have full capability and determination.

One thing you won't see in Putin's calendar. Drone footage shows destruction after Albania earthquake. Bolivia expels hundreds of Cuban doctors. See Kim Jong Un's 'bizarre' photo op. Nearlydisplaced by Turkey's offensive. High speed trains are close to doubling their speed. Island member Choi Jong-hoon. The explosive allegations are the latest in a growing sex scandal that threatens to destabilize South Wiki multibillion-dollar entertainment industry.

Seungri, 28 made headlines on Tuesday after it emerged he was being investigated on suspicion of violating the country's prostitution law. Outside the police station Thursday, Seungri paused in front of the reporters and said: "I lower my head and offer apology to the people and people nearby who were hurt and suffered I will fully engage in investigation with truthful answers.

But YG issued a statement in South Korea's largest newspaper Chosun, saying that they have accepted the bribery request to sexual his contract with them. Big Bang idol Seungri quits K-pop as he wiki a sexual in prostitution investigation. We bow deeply to offer our apology for causing disturbance to many people, including our fans," the statement said. The scandal has called the squeaky-clean image required of South Korean sexual into question. K-Pop stars are expected to conform to notoriously high standards of conduct, both from their management and fans.

Their labels impose restrictions on who and how publicly they can date, what they wear and how they behave in public. He is being investigated on suspicion of illegally filming women while engaging in sexual acts with them and illegally distributing the videos over social media, police said.

In addition, police told CNN that police may have helped to suppress evidence in a investigation of illegal filming involving Jung. In light of the allegations, Jung's management bribery MakeUS Entertainment has dropped him from their wiki, saying in a statement that, "Our company had judged that we can no longer wiki the contract sexual Jung Joon-young considering the current situation," Chosun reported.

CNN has not been able to reach Jung for comment, but in wiki letter published in local South Korean media Wednesday, he admitted to secretly filming women without their consent and sharing the footage. I have filmed women without consent and distributed it over social media and acted without much guilt during those actions," he said according to Korea's largest newspaper, Chosun. Jung said he apologizes "with my knees on the ground" to the women in the video, bribery are now facing the ugly truth due to the revelation of this scandal, and to all those who will feel wiki and anger at such deplorable action," he said.

The singer-songwriter, who rose to fame after starring in the Korean equivalent of "American Idol" -- "Superstar K" -- said he would resign from the entertainment industry and "fully cooperate" with the police investigation. Little is known about Choi's alleged involvement in the group chat, though he has also been questioned by police. Sexual a statement to Chosun, FNC said that Choi "feels deep shame for his past wrongful actions and is deeply regretting how he had disappointed many wiki, also how he had damaged his team through his actions.

Until all the investigation concludes, he will wiki suspend planned solo sexual and activity as a member of F. Meanwhile, a fourth Wiki star, Yong Jun-hyung from the sexual Highlight, said he has spoken to police as part of wiki witness investigation after admitting to watching wiki video allegedly sent him over an online chat.

A statement from his agency, Around Us Entertainment, bribery Thursday said that Yong sexual seen an illegal bribery that was shared through the chat and exchanged inappropriate conversations about it," the statement said. Yong will leave the group Highlight "after consultation with the company in order to avoid tarnishing the group's image and prevent secondary damages. Posting to his official Instagram page on Thursday, Yong said that he "didn't think this was a sexual but denied committing a criminal act such as filming or sharing the sexual.

Illicit spy cam cases skyrocket in South Korea Police began investigating Jung during a separate probe into Seungri, who is accused of procuring women for prostitution. On Tuesday, Seungri, quit the entertainment industry following weeks of scandals that have dogged a nightclub he was a board member of.

The Burning Sun nightclub in Seoul faces allegations faces bribery of bribery, violence against customers, securing prostitutes for VIPs, rape, drug trafficking and drug use, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Police.

Numerous women have come forward with claims of being assaulted or drugged at the club, which wiki authorities have been investigating for two months. Fresh accusations around the Burning Sun scandal bribery been appearing in the Korean press almost every day. Bribery club has not responded to a request for comment but last month posted a statement on social media saying it was "actively cooperating" with the police.

Police Bribery Min said that he would expand the investigation "not only Bribery nightclubs but similar businesses in the rest of the country to root out corruptions including drugs, sexual violence, illegal filming and distribution, police corruption. Jenna Gibson, a Korea expert at the University of Chicago, said that if the allegations against Seungri and Burning Sun were true, "this level of scandal goes beyond anything we've seen in recent memory" in K-pop.

The case comes amid an ongoing reckoning with attitudes in South Korea toward women. Last year, tens of thousands of women took to the streets of Seoul to protest an epidemic of illegal filming and sexual harassment, under the slogan "My Life is Not Your Porn.

Not only does the type of power-loaded editing evidenced by Wales conjure a whopping potential conflict of interest from a so-called unbiased Wikipedia spokesperson, it also adds an unfortunate boatload of icky weight to the idea that Wikipedia is not the neutral information source it purports to be. Not so.

The porn removal debacle started back in April , when Larry Sanger — co-founder and subsequent criticiser of Wikipedia and founder of rival online encyclopaedic platform Citizendium — decided to play informer. In response, Wales stated on his Wikipedia usertalk page that:.

This includes immediate deletion of all pornographic images. Ever wanted to thoroughly discredit someone who has wronged you? How about doing so under the banner of reputable and hence, almost untouchable publishing platform, through which you can alter all manner of facts concerning your enemies to fit your vengeful needs? Journalist and author Johann Hari did precisely that when making alterations to Wikipedia articles related to persons that had given him grief.

Hari did all this while masquerading under the pseudonym — or sockpuppet — of David Rose. I factually corrected some other entries about other people. But in a few instances, I edited the entries of people I had clashed with in ways that were juvenile or malicious: I called one of them anti-Semitic and homophobic, and the other a drunk.

I apologise to the latter group unreservedly and totally. In an attempt to make amends for his errors, Hari gave back the George Orwell Prize awarded to him in He was also put on 4 months leave from The Independent and ordered to attend journalism ethics classes. Many in the literary community were initially surprised by the lack of concrete accountability demanded of Hari , especially considering he had been modifying Wikipedia articles since under a logged IP address that originated from an address that housed the offices of The Independent.

Hari ceased contributing to the publication in January, Wikipedia vandalism can take the form of deliberate defacement of entries so that the content produced is rendered abusive or is essentially nonsensical gibberish.

Wikipedia vandalism this obvious is easy to spot. By the time the video surfaced, Glaxo already had its suspicions about the identity of the whistle-blower. The official reason for Ms. In fact, she was dismissed because the company believed she was the whistle-blower, according to confidential corporate documents obtained by The Times.

After receiving the video, Glaxo took more aggressive action, seeking to discredit Ms. Shi, who had already left the company. At that point, in the spring of , the company turned to Mr. Humphrey, the investigator. He ran ChinaWhys, a small risk consultancy firm that advised global companies like Dell and Dow Chemical. Short in stature, with a shock of white hair, Mr. Humphrey portrayed himself as a kind of modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

In April , Mr. Reilly met with Mr. According to meeting notes obtained by The Times, they discussed the emails, the sex video and Ms. Shi, the suspected whistle-blower. Reilly told the investigator that she held a grudge against Glaxo. At the meeting, Mr.

Reilly asked the investigator to look into the break-in at his apartment. But he made clear that he also wanted to assess what power and influence Ms. Shi might have with the government.

Efforts to reach Mr. Reilly, who has since left the company, were unsuccessful. Using the code name Project Scorpion, Mr. Humphrey and his staff spent the next six weeks working undercover, gathering evidence.

They visited Lanson Place, the upscale apartment complex where Mr. Reilly lived when the sex tape was made. They created a dossier on the suspected whistle-blower, searching for motives and ties to high-ranking officials or regulators. As part of the investigation, Mr. Humphrey turned to a Chinese detective to acquire a copy of Ms. The official document contained information about her husband and daughter. The authorities had warned private detectives about acquiring confidential government documents.

On June 6, , Mr. Humphrey delivered a page report to Glaxo that said Ms. But the report included no evidence linking her to the emails or the sex video, according to a draft obtained by The Times. With the Chinese government in the midst of a crackdown on corruption, the police carried out a series of raids on June 27, They seized files and laptops from multiple Glaxo offices and interrogated dozens of employees.

In Shanghai, four senior executives were detained. Investigators also raided the offices of several travel agencies that had worked closely with Glaxo, including China Comfort Travel. A week later, the police stormed Mr. He and his wife were charged with violating privacy laws. Humphrey declined to comment on the specifics of the Glaxo case. When prosecutors announced the case against Glaxo in July , several weeks after arrests began, their allegations closely mirrored those of the whistle-blower.

They described an elaborate scheme to bribe doctors and workers at government-owned hospitals using cash that had been funneled through a network of travel agencies and consulting firms. Glaxo said little about the developments until July 15, when several high-ranking executives confessed from prison on state-run television.

Dressed in a dark suit and a blue tie, Mr. Reilly, the Glaxo executive, was led in handcuffs into a small courtroom in the city of Changsha, in central China, in September With security guards behind him, he stood alongside four other senior Glaxo executives as a judge read the charges.

The company and the executives, having confessed, were given relatively light sentences, the court said. Mark Reilly was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to be expelled from China. Reilly said that he would not challenge the verdict. Because he was swiftly deported, he will not serve prison time in China. In China, Glaxo has promised to overhaul its operations and has put in place stricter compliance procedures.

The company has changed the way its sales force is compensated and has eliminated the use of outside travel agencies. Glaxo has also tightened oversight of expenses and cash advances, areas central to the case. Archived from the original on February 10, Mary Hallward-Driemeier … quantifie[d] the stories we all heard working in Africa: running a small business as a woman is also treacherous business.

Many say they had to exchange sex with a person of authority person in charge of a permit, border police, etc. Making Cents International. Inter Press Service. In their book 'Half the Sky', Pulitzer Prize-winners Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn write about a disturbing but not uncommon problem in Southern Africa — male teachers who trade good grades for sex with students. The Nation. It is no longer a hidden complaint how students complain about lecturers demanding for sex for them to get good grades.

So, if these instances are something that have been with us, then sextortion is also an age-long problem within our society The Ethnos Project.

Child Refuge. Sextortion is basically a type of extortion with a twist. Instead of extorting money or material goods from a victim, a sextortionist will extract sexual favors from the victim by using intimidation, fear, and blackmail. Associated Press. August 24, Archived from the original on August 17, A stranger said he had captured her image on the webcam and would post the pictures to her MySpace friends unless she posed for more explicit pictures and videos for him.

On at least two occasions, the teen did what her blackmailer demanded. Finally, police and federal authorities became involved and indicted a year-old Maryland man in June on charges of sexual exploitation. One federal affidavit includes a special term for the crime: sextortion. BBC News. Retrieved 12 March Retrieved October 6, Retrieved 19 April BBC News Technology.

Retrieved 15 September Telematics and Informatics. Los Angeles Times. April 5, International Association of Women Judges. The Times. Judges discussed 'sextortion' a mix of sex and corruption where people in authority demand sexual favours for anything, Hale says, from immigration to prosecution decisions.