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Nancy Laura Spungen was the American girlfriend of English Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and a figure of the s punk rock scene. Spungen's life and. Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious was found dead in New York City on 2 February , 40 years ago.​ It was less than four months after the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen – and Vicious stood accused of murdering her in the bathroom of their suite at the Chelsea Hotel. In the 30 years since the Sex Pistol's death, he has been turned into punk's ultimate nihilistic icon. But Jon Savage will never forget the fragile.

In the 30 years since the Sex Pistol's death, he has been turned into punk's ultimate nihilistic icon. But Jon Savage will never forget the fragile. Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious was found dead in New York City on 2 February , 40 years ago.​ It was less than four months after the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen – and Vicious stood accused of murdering her in the bathroom of their suite at the Chelsea Hotel. Sid Vicious was an English bassist and vocalist. He achieved fame as a member of the punk rock band the Sex Pistols, replacing.

Though most found Spungen abrasive, one person didn't seem to mind her crass exterior: Sid Vicious, the bassist for the Sex Pistols. The two. Sid Vicious was an English bassist and vocalist. He achieved fame as a member of the punk rock band the Sex Pistols, replacing Glen Matlock, who had fallen out of favour with the rest of the group. Sid Vicious was an English bassist and vocalist. He achieved fame as a member of the punk rock band the Sex Pistols, replacing.

As a high school dropout, his "punk" look captured the sex of Malcom McLaren, creator of the Sex Pistols. Their relationship was full of ups and downs, leading to the eventual mysterious murder of Spunger. One of the most mythic figures of the s punk explosion, Sid Vicious became famous for his edgy, rebellious persona and sex self-destructive tendencies.

As a teenager, he floundered, dropping out of school. Hanging around London, he was one of the many disaffected youth to embrace the punk spirit of anarchy and rebellion. With his spiky hair, disheveled appearance, and bad attitude, Vicious was considered the ideal person to join the leading punk sex, the Sex Pistols.

He was brought in by sid band's manager, Malcolm McLaren, to replace original bassist Glen Matlock ineven though he didn't even know how to play the instrument. McLaren had created the Sex Pistols in One of the leading forces in punk music, the band played fast-paced short songs, expressing angst and frustration about the social and political conditions sex the time.

Unlike music acts from previous generations, the group had no interest in producing pistol records or pleasing anyone other than themselves. Even before Vicious joined, the Sex Pistols were known for causing quite a stir.

During a live television interview inthey spewed so many profanities that they were soon dropped by their record company. Vicious was on board, however, for some of the group's biggest sensations. As a result, the band was physically attacked several times and unable to find places to play in the United Kingdom.

Pistol The Sex Pistols managed to sell a lot of records, especially considering the single was banned and many retailers refused to sell the resulting sid, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's sex Sex Pistols. There pistol no sex that they struck a chord with punk music fans. Sex same year, Vicious met an American woman pistol Nancy Spungen. The sex became inseparable. She accompanied him on the Sex Pistols' brief tour of the United States in early The group only played eight concerts together before the band fell apart.

The pistol of the Sex Pistols was fed, in part, by escalating drug use and personal conflicts, including tension between Spungen and Vicious's bandmates. It has been reported that Rotten encouraged Vicious to break off his relationship to Spungen.

They stayed at the Chelsea Hotel, home to many artists, writers, and musicians over the years. Spungen sid over as Vicious's manager sid got him a few gigs, but his performances were lackluster as he was strung out on drugs at sid time. The two tried to get clean briefly, pistol they soon spent most of their time feeding their drug habit, which included heroin, barbiturates, and a synthetic form of morphine.

Sometime during the early hours of October 12,the couple's downward spiral reached a tragic end. Spungen sid found dead on the bathroom floor in their room at the Chelsea Hotel. She had been stabbed with a knife she had given Vicious as a present. Vicious was later found in the hallway in a complete drug-induced fog. He alternated between saying that he couldn't remember what happened and confessing that he killed her. Vicious was charged with second-degree murder. A few sid later, Vicious was released on bail, using money put up by his sex company.

Despondent over Spungen's death, he tried to commit suicide after leaving jail. After a fight in a New York City club, Vicious was locked up again. He spent seven weeks in the prison on Riker's Island. On February 1, Vicious was released. He celebrated his newfound sex with a party at the home of pistol Michelle Robinson. Sometime that evening, Vicious returned to using heroin.

The sid morning he was found dead of a drug overdose. His sudden death only fueled his legacy as a punk rock icon. His twisted love affair with Spungen was the inspiration for the film Sid and Nancystarring actor Gary Oldman as Vicious. We strive pistol accuracy and fairness.

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Country Music. Punk rocker Sid Vicious became pistol as bassist for the Sex Pistols before his entanglement with drugs, which ended his sid and life. Biography Newsletters.

I included a transcript of the Bayley tape in my history of punk, England's Dreaming, but it has never been broadcast before now. You can hear extracts from it - along with fresh interviews - in a new BBC Radio 4 documentary that coincides with the 30th anniversary of Sid Vicious's death. Over the decades, Sid has percolated through the culture: there are Sid dolls, thousands of photos on the internet, appearances in The Simpsons, and Gavin Turk's sculpture, Pop - a self-portrait in the guise of Sid and a high point of the Sensation show at the Royal Academy in Sid has become a romantic hero.

Like James Dean, nobody really cares what he was like, because he took such a good picture and, according to the script, flamed out so spectacularly.

Sid did not care: he took a bad idea - the rock'n'roll suicide theatrically rehearsed by Bowie and Iggy - and ran with it all the way to the other side. Produced and hosted by his teenage friend John Wardle, better known as Jah Wobble, In Search of Sid aims to go behind the image and humanise the icon of punk. Before he died he had become a complete liability. In the past I just felt anger and irritation when I thought of Sid.

But I now feel a strong element of compassion. At the end of the documentary I felt that a job had been done, for all of us who knew him. I made myself love him retrospectively. Wardle's story starts when he met Sid, then known as John Beverley, in late Along with his friend John Lydon, Beverley was attending Kingsway College of Further Education in Holborn, central London, a place where the expelled, the difficult and the intelligent could take O- and A-levels.

They were all in their late teens, from north or east London, and this was a new part of the capital to discover. It was a crucial time. Everything was really magnified. One day, John Lydon disappeared and said: 'I'm in a band'.

We were all into black music - the only rock we liked was Can, Krautrock, the Who - so this was a real surprise. Three of the four Johns were transformed by pseudonyms that, beginning in teenage jokes, became international news. Sid was named after Lydon's pet hamster, recalling the Lou Reed song that, with its slicing guitar, kicked off the Transformer album. It was a laugh, because Sid wasn't Vicious then: he was goofy, funny, very style-conscious - a Bowie boy.

As the Slits' guitarist Viv Albertine says in the documentary, he was "kind of sweet really". But he wasn't called Sid Sweet. Vicious was a strong name to be saddled with. The script was set and, like many scripts, it took over the actor to the point where person and persona became fatally blurred.

It was a peripatetic, poor childhood, as they moved from Tunbridge Wells to Bristol and finally Stoke Newington in north London. When Sid turned 16, she threw him out on the streets. When I interviewed Anne Beverley in , she remembered her son with pride, but her anger came through.

I have got to try to preserve myself and you just fuck off. Sid's family life was, according to Wobble, "a big black hole. When I met his mother at that time, she had no interest in his life. She didn't even know he was attending Kingsway.

She was into the hardcore drug thing - heroin and opiates - which was all-embracing, that was her life. As we speak, Wobble recalls, for the first time, a chilling incident. Even before his notoriety, Sid had "a weird, brooding quality. He would loon about, he was very bright, but he had another side.

He was very hurt, I now realise. Even then he made me feel cautious. Their relationship ended violently on October 12, when Spungen's body was found under the sink in the bathroom of their room at Hotel Chelsea. Spungen had suffered a single fatal stab wound to the abdomen. Vicious reportedly owned the knife that made the wound. Vicious was immediately arrested and charged with second degree murder.

He pleaded not guilty and was released on bail. There are several theories that Spungen was murdered by someone other than Vicious, such as one of the two drug dealers who visited the apartment that night, and that a possible robbery was involved, as certain items including a substantial bankroll were claimed to be missing from the room. Throughout his life, Redglare, who died in , steadfastly denied any involvement in Spungen's murder.

He said [ where? Its title is taken from a poem Vicious wrote. Critics praised Webb's performance as Spungen. The argument escalated when Spungen assaulted Vicious, who was trying to leave the apartment, and as portrayed in the film she was stabbed accidentally when she charged him while his knife was out. The story is a punk rock fairytale inspired by Spungen's life. About her work, the author said: "I wrote Rats because I was angry with the way the recent coffee-table histories of punk seem to have no problem demonizing a dead, mentally ill, teenage girl.

Alan G. Parker directed the documentary film Who Killed Nancy? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American girlfriend of Sid Vicious. Photograph by Mary Ellen Mark , Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, U. Frank Spungen father Deborah Spungen mother. Retrieved October 17, Rolling Stone.

Retrieved 7 February Oldman's performance was praised by Uncut as a "hugely sympathetic reading of the punk figurehead as a lost and bewildered manchild. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the punk musician. For the professional wrestler who competed under the ring name Sid Vicious, see Sid Eudy. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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