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Skyrim: 22 Best Lore-Friendly, Non-Skimpy, but Still Sexy Armor Mods for Females – Page 3 – GIRLPLAYSGAME. About this mod. Work in progress to make all Vanilla Armor in Skyrim to be more \​"Sexy\" in both Replacer and Standalone. Well you may call it. We covered many armor mods for Skyrim on our site already, but lo and armor mods for all your dress-up needs, be you male or female. › Downloads › Skyrim › Regular Mods. Without a doubt, the hottest female armor mod (in my honest opinion) is the Shanoa Armor (CBBEV3) Mod on the Skyrim Nexus. It may be relatively modest. While there are numerous skimpy mod lists out there for Skyrim and even a few non-skimpy mod lists, I haven't found any good lists yet.

We covered many armor mods for Skyrim on our site already, but lo and armor mods for all your dress-up needs, be you male or female. › Downloads › Skyrim › Regular Mods. Without a doubt, the hottest female armor mod (in my honest opinion) is the Shanoa Armor (CBBEV3) Mod on the Skyrim Nexus. It may be relatively modest.

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Ilja View Profile View Posts. Right hand sexiest Show adult files. Use the seach with your selected female body type. There are more outside of Nexus as well, but, you'll skyrimm to do some searching for them. I Sexiest look for some Sexy Armour just your fav girl armors. If you're looking on youtibe mod reviews, MOST will sexiest provide links to skyrim mod sexiest. A few of them in armour video are available on Nexus for different body types. Maybe at least one mod from Mod shown?

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Kevin May 19, Haha, not to worry, I have a male armor post lined up! Rattlesnark May 19, Jess July 6, El Raymundo July 18, Can you upload the Yurica armor? That stuff is badass! Great site and love the Skyrim posts! Pandamonius July 22, Pandamonius July 23, That was exactly what it was. Quills July 27, Yuri July 28, Can you plz put the links for download? Finola August 20, Great article.

Finally something for the non-perverts. Hahahah thanks! Your comment made me die laughing :D. Chloe September 1, Quil September 1, I believe it is one of the rapiers from Relics of the Reach mod!

Quil September 2, Thank you! Mable September 3, What hair mods did you use? They look great! Sabrina September 15, Ooh thanks for letting me know! Updated :. ClumsyNinjable February 17, January 22, Conrad Verner April 7, Conrad Verner April 14, Got it.

Thanks very much! Akren August 3, Its a shame yharnyam set is off nexus though, cant seem to find it anywhere too. Zachary Layne September 19, Add Comment Cancel reply. Fallout 4: Best Mods of Week 18 — poses and mannequins, oh my!

Fallout 4: Best Mods of Week 17 — immersion breaking or immersion making mods, you decide. How to build your own PokeVision map in 5 minutes or less.

If you wife is a follower too though watch this Youtube video. Cheers for that link - I'll have to try that out at somepoint. Shame the hottest women e.

Hroki, Orla are not followers, but I'll try that to get Mjoll to wear the tavern clothes! Nocturnal's clothes look awesome - shame they aren't in the Vanilla game. That nocturnal statue does have a good bit of sidebo0b going on.

I've started a female "enchantress" type character who uses conjuration and illusion. Her garb is currently forsworn - but might change to Saviour's Hide when I get that Falmer Armor found in the dwarven ruin where grimsever is found is pretty revealling, so Falmer Armor or tavern clothes are the greatest for that type of thing. Though if you're looking for something early game, check the Fur armor from all the bandits you get sent around to kill for bounties and such.

There are 3 variants of Fur armor, 1 which is fully clothed still doesnt look bad on females. One that's basically a fur skirt and bra, but with with a pelt cloak type garb covering the shoulders, and then there's the same bra and skirt one without the pelt which is the most revealing. Probably just as revealing as the Forsworn armor, if not more.

I personally like it a bit more than the Forsworn armor. To me, sexy is not necessary "the outfit with less fabric" though I agree with Askracher on the Azidhal's armor without helmet and boots. Unfortunately, most of the regular outfits are everything but sexy. Tavern Clothes are ok but the chest looks a bit strange in vanilla. I'm with Bilitis on the whole sexy doesn't equal revealing thing. To me, all those revealing armors Forsworn, Savior's Hide, Fur and Falmer just don't look appealing enough.

If you ask me, I'd pick skintight like the Nightingale armor over "strategically placed lumps of fur" any day. Spun her thru every single stitch of clothing and the surprise winner was College Robes in blue. Pretty much maximum coverage but that becomes revealing with the right drape. A few septims later she has a great option on rainy days to avoid that awful wet Meeko smell that Forsworn armor brings to the party.

I need the point cuz I just legendaried my fap and spread the perks on my Sloth and Gluttony trees. Geh you have no idea how much I wish Nocturnal's Clothes were usable for consoles.

I mean you can force them into your inventory with a hex editor but putting them on still won't work. I'm not even in it for the sexiness though that is a nice plus it just seems more suitable to the mysterious mageling mistress type of vibe. Add to that some open shoes like the Wedding Sandles, best if recolored and nice gloves can't think of a good example here, though color magching the Mystic Tuning and Thalmor ones might both work.

Ok i would say forsworn, falmer or daedric. Ive tryd them all on Alea and she was evin hotter that she was before. But beat it she's MINE. How dare you Aela Belongs To Me!! The back is open and the front has a slit which makes it look great! I usually enchant clothes for all characters as I max all stats but wanna be pretty but protected.

It may be relatively modest compared to more obviously risque mods out there