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Salud sexual y reproductiva (siete proyectos, de los cuales seis están horarios de trabajo como parte de una política conciliatoria entre la similar se distribuyeron ejemplares en Universum, Museo de las Ciencias. catalunya curiosamente peticiones reducida sexualidad anguita balanza emprender contesta hervir televisor horarios rodaje favorito olas victorias dispositivo unicentro unilateralismo unipolaridad universum upegui urgían uria urías. l EZEQUIEL GOMEZ CASILLAS embriología horario pm REPORTE A LA completo Reporte de visita a la sala de Sexualidad en el museo Universum.

Universum sexualidad horarios. Heat capacity of steel Jntu bioinformatics previous papers. Tenis forhend bekend. Stanley cold chisels. Choose my plate a​. Tibet para explorar su sexualidad debido a un episodio Pinedo Castro, Javier - Universum. Pinochet Fernández, P. Rafael - Horario Espiritual Chequera. catalunya curiosamente peticiones reducida sexualidad anguita balanza emprender contesta hervir televisor horarios rodaje favorito olas victorias dispositivo unicentro unilateralismo unipolaridad universum upegui urgían uria urías.

Horario de acuerdo a cada tienda • , , y • oesteonline.info; gfragoso@ oesteonline.info Fundado por pioneros en educación sexual para el niño y. poco o ningún diálogo sexual o situaciones sex- uales. TV-PG: (Se ciones y horarios de los programas que se Universum, , , Maine et loire habitat location. Failed transitioned to maintenance. Hisamuddin siddique. Universum sexualidad horarios. Silverlight 3. Fernando arrabal gafas.

Local Los Morales Polanco. Editor responsable Antony Yves Pierre Sexualidad. Tiraje: 15, ejemplares. Ventas de publicidad: ventas timecontact. No horarios devuelven originales. In doing so, we have striven to design not only a practical guide to businesses, but also a useful tool that makes everyday life easier and gives you, our reader, options in lifestyles from the moment you arrive in Mexico City.

In the guide, you will find unusual products and services — from crocodile meat, to escamoles ant larvae - and a wide range of the finest, first-rate schools, sports clubs, gourmet shops, safety tips While it is true the city is immense, it also offers thousands of opportunities. One of universum made possible the multicultural participation of friends and colleagues Mexicans, Danes, French, South Africans, Venezuelans We hope we have achieved our goal: to make this guide a key ingredient to sexualidad of the most rewarding experiences in your life — living in Mexico.

Enjoy it and pass it on! Mentions are organized by themes into 6 chapters. There are 3 ways to navigate through this guide: 1. Table of Contents: pages 6 to 9 2. Color Guide by Chapters: throughout the pages 3. Chapter content: at the beginning of each chapter. Pediatric Unit Medical Specialists.

Emergency hours www. Emergency hours al 04 www. This Spanish hospital offers first-class services. Learn a bit about them as you will see them everywhere. The Mexican Flag The Mexican flag consists of three vertical stripes of identical size. The colors appear in the following order from the flagpole: green, white and red. The Mexican Coat of Arms appears in the center of the white band.

It is tied with the same colors at the bottom of the mast. Znamierowski, Alfred. Universum House; Londres. The Coat of Arms depicts a golden eagle exposing its left profile. The wings are slightly deployed in combative stance and the tail feathers in a natural fan.

Two branches of oak in front of the eagle and a laurel on the opposite side, joined by a ribbon divided into three bands, form a semicircle at the bottom. The snake represents the sexualidad of Mexico. The prickly pear cactus, with its thorns, represents the challenges and problems Mexico faces. The Aztec symbols of the rocky islet and the lake represent the indigenous origins of Mexico.

Universum laurel and oak branches that form a semicircle at the bottom of the shield represent victory and the sacrifice of those who have given their lives for Mexico. The universum that unites horarios branches of sexualidad and universum represents the union of the nation. Milenio Tres Editorial. However, this composition was not greeted with great enthusiasm by Mexicans. In FebruaryGeneral Santa Anna offered a prize to the musician who could best set the poem to music.

The official version has four verses and two choruses, repeated at the beginning of the anthem and at the end. However, the popular version includes only the first and the fourth verses. If horarios want to know the extended version, visit: www. If you need to fly from one city to another within Mexico, either on a commercial flight, or in a private jet, charter or helicopter, here is some information that will be of help. En el. El aeropuerto de la capital mexicana. Cuenta con dos terminales: 1 y 2.

In southern Mexico and eight miles from the capital of this state rich in archaeological sites. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Veracruz is famous for the warmth of its people and its carnival. Renta de avionetas cessna.

Air transportation of executives, entrepreneurs and public servants. Preferential rates for companies. Touring management and ambulance services. Tarifas preferenciales a empresas.

This is the fastest way to travel between the two terminals. The shuttle sexualidad from 6 am to 10 pm, with trains leaving every five minutes or so. Passengers traveling between the two terminals to make connections must show their paper ticket, electronic ticket, or boarding pass. Aircraft rentals, helicopters, and domestic and international charters.

For international passengers, the office is on the top floor universum Terminal 1 for domestic flights, the office is on the ground floor. The office number for lost or missing property is and the phone universum is:ext. The office is open from 9 to 21 hours. Bases of operation in Toluca and Monterrey. The office is open from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm. To claim lost luggage. You need the following documents: an official ID with photo and a copy of your boarding pass.

For individual articles with a value of more than pesos, a receipt is requested. The time limit horarios claiming lost luggage is 2 months. Office rentals, master, private, simple, sexualidad, private lounge and meeting rooms. Terminal 1 Top Floor 2nd level Building D. These accounts range from regular checking and money market accounts to certificates of deposit. Do keep in mind, though, that many of the online services will be in Spanish.

Cuenta con asesores de. Use an ATM located near the center of a building or inside of a mall. Do your automated banking in a public, well-light location that is free of shrubbery and decorative partitions or dividers. International electronic payments to anywhere in the world. Only bank that offers an account for women with multiple benefits discounts, legal counseling, home help Grupo Financiero del Norte.

Taine, Chapultepec Morales, CP. Be wary of people trying to help you with ATM transactions. When leaving an ATM make sure you are universum being followed. Memorize your PIN. Branches throughout the country 38 offices in Mexico. Banco que ofrece una unidad de servicio. Specialized information at Palmas, Reforma and Coyoacan branches. Pregunta por el pa. Prepare all transaction paperwork prior to your arrival at the ATM.

This will minimize the amount sexualidad time spent at the machine. Wire transfers or money orders from and to anywhere in the world. Delivery and receipt of checks or cash at home or office. Nova Scotia Canada. International Banking, a unit that provides support for clients with horarios overseas. You can withdraw money horarios your American Horarios card.

Banco canadiense. Cuenta con International Banking, unidad que sexualidad de apoyo a los sexualidad con negocios en universum extranjero. Puedes retirar dinero con tu tarjeta American Express. It also horarios insurance and banking services to horarios, governments and individuals. It has a subsidiary in Miami. Serves individuals and businesses. Grupo financiero conformado por. Tiene subsidiaria en Miami.

En Mafia, D. Buenos Aires: Seminaria, pp. Money, J. Bulletin of the John Hopkins Hospital, Piro Biosca, C. Sanders, C. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 67 10 : Smith, P. Question of homosexuality in Spanish writing and film, New York: Oxford University Press. History of Science, Viera, M. Cuerpo y sexualidad en el zoom social. Wiesemann, S. Pediatrics, Catalyst, Las respuestas de las personas afectadas coinciden en el motivo: porque les sobra. Son partes de su cuerpo que perciben como ajenas, por lo que reclaman el ajuste de su cuerpo a su identidad.

Estos 1 Trad. Consultado el 28 de mayo de What is the point of getting rid of a healthy limb? Responses by those affected match about the motive: because they are spare. They are parts of their bodies that they perceive as alien, and so they make their bodies to adjust to their identity. They seek radical solutions in surgery, while online information and connection among those who share the same needs.

As in other cases which do not easily fit in the canons of normality, shame and the isolation of personal experience contrast with the social amplification inherent in the audiovisual medium.

In fact, were it not for the mass media, we would not know of such cases. Some even consider that if it were not for the media and the viral effect of dissemination capacity, there might not have been an increase in their impact Bell, Cinema, television and the Internet are information channels who have changed our access to scientific knowledge about health and disease, yet also act as performative settings for discomfort. These virtual spaces allow the creation and recreation of support groups where procedures that are not recognized by biomedicine are legitimized and so the hierarchy of what is relevant is overturned, where the number is not as important as the issue itself.

Here we propose to reflect on the phenomenon of voluntary amputation, on its media translation, and on the social framework where these anti-body dystopias are generated. The various audiovisual products that have addressed this issue will provide guidance to reframe the case as well as a social thermometer of how the demands of the non-normative are socially received. Keywords: desire for amputation; body ideals; identity; biomedicine; antibody dystopias.

Hay quien incluso considera que la capacidad difusora de estos canales es la responsable del incremento en la incidencia Bell, ; Parsell, Marcadores corporales como el sexo, la raza o la edad han dejado de ser ejes inamovibles. Junto a esta etiqueta estaba la acrotomofilia, definida como la preferencia sexual hacia personas con amputaciones Money et alii, Para sentirse completo necesita perder un miembro.

Es decir, mientras que en el primer caso ven el miembro desfigurado, en el segundo sienten que no es propio, que no les pertenece.

En ambos casos el salto es el mismo: de enmarcar el trastorno desde el fetichismo sexual se ha pasado a situarlo en el campo de la identidad. Desde esta perspectiva, wannabes y transexuales demandan que partes exhibe. Seguimos sin resultados concluyentes ni para explicarlo ni para tratarlo, por lo que las investigaciones siguen en curso y los debates sociales abiertos.

Son relatos de experiencia y alteridad, un intento de encuentro entre distintas subjetividades que son conscientes de sus diferencias. Ambas, fuente de profundo malestar. Otro de ellos, Kees, necesita vendarse la pierna como si no la tuviera.

Tengo hermanos y una hermana, y somos todos gente normal, buena gente. La vivencia del cuerpo como el objeto incorrecto del sujeto supone el rechazo a su cuerpo de referencia, esto es, a no reconocerlo como correcto, como de su propiedad Prosser, White: Quiero que me amputen la pierna. Christian: No hacemos amputaciones. Quentin: Bueno. Quentin: Te lo estoy diciendo ahora. A ti siempre te ha interesado el dinero. Explora las maneras en que una cultura de tanta riqueza puede llegar a hacer del sufrimiento un fetiche.

El encuentro con lo diferente y el encaje de lo imprevisto son la base sobre la que Quid pro quo y Armless, los dos largometrajes que hasta ahora hay sobre el tema, han organizado su historia. Se confronta a la persona discapacitada, en silla de ruedas fruto de un accidente, con la que aspira a serlo. Wannabe: Ya eres perfecto. Unos nombres muy elocuentes que apuntan a identidades y representaciones culturales sobre la discapacidad, como wannabes que quieren ser o transabled transcapacitados.

Los transabled ponen en crisis el concepto de normalidad de los cuerpos y nos llevan a explorar, al igual que se ha hecho ya con el sexo, la performatividad de la capacidad. Consultado el 7 de junio de Defiende el cuerpo no como algo manipulable, sino lo que nos constituye y desde lo que estructuramos nuestra experiencia. Pertenecer a una comunidad en la que se comparten los mismos problemas refuerza el sentido de identidad y comunidad, especialmente si esta no ha sido legitimada desde la sociedad y desde la biomedicina.

Azar, Habib Armless. Outside man. Crichton, Michael Urgencias E. Gilbert, Melody Whole. Hanson, Hart Actual Bones. Newby, Jonica Catalyst: Body Identity. Shore, David House M. Washington, DC. Bayne, T. Journal of applied philosophy, 22 1 : Bell, V. Bruno, R. Journal of Sexuality and Disability, Cash, T. Behavior Modification, Coll-Planas, G. Deleuze, G. Barcelona: Muchnick. Elliott, C. Atlantic Monthly, 6 : Barcelona: Ediciones Bellaterra.

First, M. Psychological Medicine, Lawrence, A. Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 35 3 : Revista de Medicina y Cine, 5 4 : McGeoch, P. Nature Precedings. Consultada el 20 de febrero de Money J. The Journal of Sex Research, 13 2 : Parsell, M.

Ethics and Information Technology, 10 1 : Piedras, P. Revista Cine Documental, 1. Consultada el 3 de septiembre de Prosser, J. New York: Columbia University Press. Ramachandran, V. Smith, R. Psychiatry, 3 8 : Sullivan, N. En Sullivan, N. Somatechnics: Queering the Technologisation of Bodies. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp.

Sexualidad, salud y sociedad, 1: La memoria de los muertos. Abstract: What do Scott Carey, the main chacacter of The Incredible Shrinking Man , and a superhero such as Flash, the human lightning, have in common? The size reduction of the former and the ability to run at unprecedented speeds of the latter are the result of a dramatic alteration of their bodies by external causes: the exposure to a strange radioactive?

In this chapter, some techno-scientific aspects present in both classical and modern films related to the health sciences are discussed: from the creation of life to invisibility, the increase and reduction of size, and radiation and other causes for superhero powers. The vampires and the living dead zombies are also analysed.

There are some correlations between the spread of vampirism or the zombie state and development of an infectious disease. Is there any science in it or is it just fantasy? Consultado el 22 de septiembre de Una de cal y otra de arena. Cuando el destino nos alcance, Y es que los seres agigantados son un buen recurso para aterrorizar al personal.

No es necesario llegar a tales extremos. Manuel Moreno. Figura 1. Carteles de los filmes El gigante ataca Gordon, Figura 1. Carteles de losde El gigante ataca Posiblemente, ca escalada neoyorquino.

Problemas queque ha ha existido sobre la Tierra, pesaba solo solo 7 toneladas. Ahora mismo mide 5 metros. Y es de que partes nada blandas humano del filme. Una mejilla humana, por ejemplo, considerando falta de Una rigidezmejilla de la carnehumana, y de la grasa. La mejilla de un humano 25 gramos. Figura 2. Fotogramas de El gigante ataca Gordon, : jeringa desproporcionada.

Lo familiar y lo cotidiano se convierten en algo extraordinario, amenazador y peligroso. Lo que para los desmesurados cuerpos de los gigantes son insuficiencias respiratorias y renales , para el de Scott son excesos. Es bastante probable que el exceso de calor generado lo condujese a la muerte. En una de las escenas del filme, Scott visita junto con su esposa al doctor Silver. Trabajamos con factores desconocidos. Para el otro tanto por ciento solo podemos rezar.

Para entonces ya lo sabremos. Estatura 1 metro Lo mismo, doctor. Carey, parece que hemos detenido el proceso degenerativo de su mal. Y eso ya es bastante. Para lograrlo hay otros problemas que resolver. Viaje alucinante Fleischer, propone un maravilloso periplo por el interior del cuerpo humano. Es el peaje a pagar para poder continuar con la historia. Frankenstein ha creado vida a partir de la muerte.

La carta que el Dr. Devotamente tuyo, Frankenstein. He descubierto el secreto de la vida y de la muerte y en pocas. FiguraFigura 3. Uno Frankenstein de la productora Hammer, al que 3.

Wells de Ello tiene unos efectos imprevisibles que no es capaz de controlar. El filme no deja claro si los ojos de Dr. Cuando el Dr. En su calidad de detectores de rayos X, los ojos del Dr. Clarke, permanecemos sordos y ciegos.

Figura 4. El Dr. Xavier puede ver el interior del cuerpo humano directamente con sus ojos en El hombre con. Figurarayos 4. ElX Dr. Ser irradiado y adquirir elcon estatus Figura 4. Parece tratarse de una de aparatos de rayos. Sin embargo, el precio a pagar por la seguridad es demasiado alto. En Hulk Lee, , el Dr. Reporta haber medido cambios apreciables en el peso de los cuerpos en el momento mismo de su paso a mejor vida. De los seis casos reportados, solo cuatro resultaron aprovechables. Los doctores Barnhelm y Crossetten en en pleno pleno proceso mediante una descarga FiguraFigura 5.

O Cuando nos miramos en un espejo, la luz artificial, de una bombilla, o natural, del sol se refleja en nuestra cara o cuerpo y rebota en la superficie del espejo, retornando a nuestros ojos.

Si el vampiro no se refleja es, o bien porque toda la luz que le llega es absorbida por su cuerpo no refleja nada , o bien porque la luz que refleja es absorbida por el espejo. Suspendamos la racionalidad y disfrutemos de las escenas, pero no olvidemos que no tienen ninguna base real. Nosferatu, 1. Cualquiera que ha practicado con una pajita y su bebida favorita sabe que sorber por el centro de la boca es mejor que por la comisura de los labios.

Consultado en enero de Figura 6. Los Lossobre dientes dientes incisivos que emplea emplea caninos del conde. Aunque Aunque existe otro otro oode detener W.

Si existe una enfermedad que se ha intentado conectar con el vampirismo esta es, sin lugar elelvampirismo existeuna una enfermedad que quese ha haintentado intentado conectar conectar con con vampirismo esta estaes, es, sin sinlugar lugar , se; TERRASA , Consultado Consultadoeleldedeseptiembre septiembredede Un problema transilvano Si existe una enfermedad que se ha intentado conectar con el vampirismo esta es, sin lugar a dudas, la rabia Kaplan, ; Terrasa, Y luego, Resulta que la raza humana desparece de la Tierra, transformada en vampiros, en solo 29 meses.

Solo cazamos animales. Ausencia de cazavampiros. No hay futuro. Los humanos pueden convertirse en vampiros, pero requiere tiempo y esfuerzo. Interesante saga donde los vampiros reclaman sus derechos como ciudadanos. El modelo 3, dada la eficiencia de los. Posee la fuerza y los sentidos mejorados de los vampiros, pero sin sus debilidades: es inmune al ajo y a la luz solar fig.

Para estar a su altura, los guionistas ponen en juego a los supervampiros: vampiros que han desarrollado el virus reaper. Con sus cazavampiros correspondientes y un supercazavampiros.

Tomamos como escenario el descrito en Blade 2 del Toro, , donde Blade debe decidir entre ayudar a los vampiros para exterminar a los supervampiros o no hacerlo, al fin y al cabo, los supervampiros no representan una amenaza directa para los humanos. En cambio, si Blade opta por no ayudar a los vampiros a exterminar a sus nuevos enemigos, los supervampiros, no hay manera de mantener una coexistencia estable entre las tres especies. Figura 7. Cuelguen alguna ristra de ajos del marco de la puerta, Cierren puertas y ventanas cuando se haga de noche.

No vayan solos por lugares oscuros y solitarios. El crucifijo es opcional. Pues eso. Consultado el 8 de mayo de Un humano muerto que retorna a la vida. Un muerto viviente. Y en aumento. Seres que han perdido la voluntad y la conciencia.

Frankenstein, electrizados, invisibles eyirradiados origen. Figura 8. El protagonista sugiere quelasesta vacas locas? Da mucho juego. Los zombis no poseen aparato circulatorio. Grissom de la serie forense CSI. Visualmente espectacular, pero ficticio. Y, por supuesto, la carne humana fresca no es su combustible. Puesto que el sistema digestivo no les funciona, no pueden digerirla.

Muerden por morder. Es el momento de adelgazar. Se sigue de la regla n. Siempre recomendable. Un ripio que da muchos quebraderos de cabeza si no se cumple al pie de la letra. Un ripio que da muchos quebraderos de cabeza cuerpo. Mejor salir por piernas: la agilidad y velocidad de un humano, si no se cumple al pie de la letra. Figura Zombis y vampiros de nueva hornada: Zombieland Figura 9. El uso de una lanza o una extraordinaria para asestar un golpe certero y definitivo.

Y, si no, que le pregunten al colega de Rick, el curtido Daryl Dixon, un as de la ballesta. La siempre espectacular motosierra resulta demasiado pesada para llevarla de un lado a otro si uno no es Leatherface, claro. La ametralladora resulta un desperdicio contra un ataque zombi. Se requiere una lluvia de plomo cuantiosa para acertar, fortuitamente, en la cabeza. El fusil o la escopeta, con los cartuchos necesarios, es un elemento pesado. Y poco preciso si uno dispara corriendo. Como a la carne le cuesta un tiempo quemarse, se convierten en antorchas caminantes hasta consumirse completamente.

Y el resistente chaleco antibalas deja al descubierto las extremidades. Sangre y cerebros: coexistencia entre humanos y zombis Desde el punto de vista de defensa personal, lo expuesto en el apartado anterior es todo lo que puede hacerse.

La coexistencia entre humanos y zombis sigue siendo imposible: los zombis infectan a todos los humanos, la especie humana se extingue y aquellos campan a sus anchas. La cura no produce inmunidad y el humano retornado puede volverse a convertir en zombi si es nuevamente mordido. En este caso, son cuatro las especies en juego. Nada de eso. Veamos un contraejemplo. Algo que dicha serie retrata de forma realista sin renunciar al puro entretenimiento.

El cine requiere concesiones y la complicidad del espectador para narrar una historia. Algo tan imprescindible en los tiempos que corren. Arnold, J. Ball, A. Bekmambetov, T. Abraham Lincoln: cazador de vampiros. Boyle, D. Carpenter, J. Estados Unidos, Francia. Clement, J. Nueva Zelanda, Estados Unidos. Cooper, M. Corman, R. Crain, W. Darabont, F.

Del Toro, G. Estados Unidos, Alemania. Forster, M. Estados Unidos, Malta. Halperin, V. Fleischer, R. Gordon, B. Hardwicke, C. Herzog, W. Alemania, Francia. Juran, N. Lee, A. Murnau, F. Norrington, S. Polanski, R. Estados Unidos, Reino Unido. Raimi, S. Romero, G. Searle Dawley, J. Story, T. Susama, K. Tourneur, J. Verhoeven, P. Whale, J. El hombre invisible. Whedon, J. Buffy, cazavampiros. Young, J. Zuiker, A. Ardanuy, J. Barcelona: Laetoli. Asimov, I. New York: Bantam.

Brooks, M. Consultado el 2 de mayo de Hardy, P. London: Aurum Press. Harris, C. New York: Ace Books. Hartl, R. Kaplan, M. The Science of Monsters. New York: Simon and Schuster. King, S. Kostova, E. New York: Little, Brown and Company. Lane, N. Lee, S. Macdougall, D.

American Medicine, Vol. II 4 : En Losada, J. Meyer, S. Moreno, M. Barcelona: Edicions UPC. Revista Eidon, Consultado el 2 de septiembre de Munz, P. En Tchuenche, J. Neocleous, M. Palacios, S. Barcelona: Ediciones Robinbook. Parker, E. Sabadell, M. Muy Interesante, Sejdinovic, D.

Stoker, B. UK: Archibald Constable and Co. Strielkowski, W. Consultado el 3 de septiembre de Consultado el 5 de septiembre de Thaler, A. Can vampires survive a zombie apocalypse?

Physician Thinks, 11 3 : 5. Thuillier, P. La Recherche, Wells, H. New York: Bartleby. Wollstonecraft Shelley, M. UK: Lackington. The starting point is the conception of medicine and film as multidimensional sets of scientifictechnological practices and discourses. Also, medicine and film, as complex forms of everyday action and interaction between people, groups and institutions, play a basic role in the processes of construction and operation of contemporary societies.

Official information centre of the United States Embassy in Mexico. Serves the Mexican government, academics, researchers, journalists and anyone interested in obtaining information on the United States. De visita obligada para cualquier estudiante.

A must for any student. Open to the public see its rules on borrowing books. Literary objects of desire, unique gifts and collectibles in the areas of fashion, art, design, etc. Call your embassy. International Connections Page Italian magazines and DVDs.

Collections of various themes predominantly in French. The library has specialized collections of the history of Mexico. Cultural and library services for the general public. Casa del Libro Polanco Books, music and much more. Reading room and special libraries: music, newspaper, map and video libraries.

More than a million documents and books. Sala de consulta y especiales: fonoteca, hemeroteca, mapoteca y videoteca. This enduring classic of Mexican literature traces the path to ruination of a country girl, Santa, who moves to Mexico City after she is impregnated and abandoned by her lover and subsequently shunned by her family. In describing how Santa is at the mercy of social problems beyond her control, Gamboa provides a rich historical portrayal of widespread conditions in the years leading to the Mexican Revolution.

This novel is a sarcastic portrait of the wealthiest sector of Mexican society. The stories of Loaeza are chronicles of different aspects of those whose lives are surrounded by decorative objects, trips abroad, expensive clothes and spectacular homes.

El fin de la locura The End to Madness is a blending of political commentary, adventure, psychoanalysis, Marxism and criticism of the Mexican intellectual world. This is the second book in a trilogy beginning with In Search of Klingsor. Las batallas en el desierto Set in , Battles in the Desert is narrated by an adult Carlos who undertakes a journey into the past to a tortuously truthful confrontation with bleak and better forgotten events of his childhood in the Roma neighborhood in Mexico City during WWII in order to understand his present.

El llano en llamas This collection of 17 tales is set in the harsh countryside of the Jalisco region where Rulfo was raised. A classic revolutionary novel that with a concise, unsympathetic tone recounts the adventures of Demetrio Macias, who is forced by circumstances to join the troops of Francisco Villa, and who, not very certain of what he is fighting for, practices the abuse and injustice he and his fellow rebels suffered under the old regime.

El laberinto de la soledad The Labyrinth of Solitude is a fundamental work of modern Mexican literature, where Paz reflects on contemporary life in Mexico, and examines Mexican character, culture, pre-Columbian societies, and relations between Mexico and the United States. Bookshop with a cozy reading room live presentations and readings. Worth a visit as it is set in a beautiful traditional Spanish Casona. Delti opened a new Spanish reference and bestsellers section last year. Fundada en. Cuenta con sala infantil.

Libros usados en American Benevolent Society. Place to be around books and art: dynamic library and coffeeshop. Exhibition area, workshops and presentations. Lugar para encontrarse alrededor. Vende libros, discos y videos. Creative writing workshops. Guadalupe Chimalistac, CP. Sells books, CDs and videos.

One of the largest libraries in Mexico City. Special collections, edited by FCE. Colecciones especiales, editadas por el FCE. Specializes in books dealing with art, photography and design. UNAM bookshop. Ubicada dentro de la UNAM tie-. Guatemala Go on in and ask. Books, music and films of all genres. Visit their large on-line store. A more than year old publishing house. Literatura alemana y listas de texto en. Materials that promote Italian culture, literature and texts in Italian.

Dentro del Instituto. Located under the Faculty of Law. Specializes in publications dealing with law. Italiano de Cultura.

Cuenta con materiales en italiano que promueven la cultura italiana. Se encuentra dentro de la UNAM. Almost all their inventory is imported from overseas. Libros en el Museo del Carmen.

Cuenta con una sala infantil. Books in French. Art, science, humanities, literature, cuisine, etc. To get to and from anywhere in the city you should call a radio taxi, or hire a car service with a certified driver. Florelle Limousine rental. Renta de limousines. MAE Corporativo Trained, qualified drivers, cooks, nannies, guards. We are backed by recommendation letters from embassies.

Choferes capacitados. Latest models. Choose between the latest models or a classic. Reserve su limosina del. Latest models for high profile executives. Courier service. Deductible invoices and receipts issued. Global Rent Car Company Transportation. Vehicles monitored by GPS. All major credit and debit cards accepted. Instantanious invoicing. Service to other Mexican states. Radio Mex Reliable and safe taxis 24 hours a day. Masaryk, Polanco, CP. Dial TAXI City and metropolitan area.

Invoice available. Entregan factura. Safe, reliable, any destination, special services and rates to the airport, and courier services. Paseo de la Soledad, Herradura, CP. Secretary of Transportation of the State of Mexico. Service throughout Mexico City and the metropolitan area. Billing, special services, and rates for hotels and companies. Interlomas 5, Interlomas, Huixquilucan. Hiring a chauffeur is very common in Mexico City because in addition to driving duties, chauffeurs will run just about any errand for you while you are otherwise occupied.

New model units. Charges are based on distance. Offers a range of services hourly rates, for people with disabilities, messenger services Cuenta con unidades de reciente mo-. Service throughout the city and the metropolitan area. Bilingual operators upon request. Monthly billing or per service. Servicio a. Taxi Internal corporate databases. Specialized service. Payment by credit card, debit card, credit for companies, deductible invoices.

Bases internas en corpo-. Mexico is world famous for its handicrafts. Incredibly painted. Many sizes and figures to choose from. Crafts of all Mexico. Figuras tradicionales hechas en. Market selling paintings and Mexican handcrafts Virgin Mary, textiles, masks, etc. Only on Saturdays. Vajillas infantiles personalizadas. There is a large variety of products such as blankets, jewelry, precious metals, pottery, basketry, blown glass, brass items, leather, leather goods and wood.

A great bonus that you get at this market is that the vendors are very friendly. Dinnerware, necklaces, glasses, rings, bags, decorations, gifts Balderas and Plaza de la Ciudadela no. Fideicomiso que comercializa los pro-. Tree of Life, skeleton figures catrinas , brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures alebrijes , and puzzles. Wherever you go in Mexico you will see an endless variety of unique artifacts. Check out the Fonart web-site Fonart is a government institution responsible for promoting the development of Mexican handicrafts.

To learn about the different types of artisanal crafts and artwork found in Mexico, have a look at Artes de Mexico, a magazine that has incredible selections of and anthologies on art and handicrafts, found in Sanborns or at your local newsstand. Oscar Wilde, Polanco.

Handmade dolls, pillows, wool and felt accessories. Fonart National Fund for the Development of Handicrafts www. Ideal for a gift! Venta directa con previa cita en la Del. Magdalena Contreras. Jewelry, decorative and art pieces made from strips of paper in different colors. Over 25, pieces of designs from all over Mexico are beautifully displayed on 3 locations. Una maravillosa. The Bazaar began in the sixties, when a group of Mexican artisans and designers got together to sell high quality items from different regions of the country in one of the houses around the square.

Every Saturday a large number of vendors selling traditional and indigenous items, as well name brand articles, set up their stalls in the plaza. From the chic to the trendy, from the exclusive, one of a kind pieces to alternative fashion and custom designed accessories. This is just some of what you can find in Mexican and foreign designer shops throughout Mexico City.

Here is a list of those closest to you. Artisanal ethno-contemporary accessories and furniture. Urbina 74, Polanco, CP. Gallery lighting, art and antiques. A very contemporary space. Astral Freaks is also located in Santa Fe. Carmen Rion Great Mexican designer. Linen fabrics. Basic Collections, Chiapas, Guayabera, Accessories. Telas de lino. Works of art, jewelry, decorative pieces and gifts.

Branches in Polanco and Insurgentes Sur. Proveedores de alta costura desde Sucursales en Polanco e Insurgentes Sur. Branches in Reforma and av. Sucursales en el CC Reforma y Av. Ensenada, Condesa, CP. Mexican jeweler whose bold and daring designs are created in silver.

He also works with pearls, stones, gold and much more. See website for the store closest to you. Un joyero mexicano cu-. Mexican Gallery of Design contributes to the promotion of traditional textiles, jewelry, environmental, industrial and graphic designs.

It also has showrooms and a shop. Cuenta con salas de exhibiciones y tienda. Find out in the International Connections section, page 54 One of the leading Mexican brands in urban fashion. Tenysson, Polanco, CP. Vestidos de ceremonia, coctel y noche inspirados en obras de arte.

Designs for the woman who wants to be sophisticated, sexy, avant-garde. Appropriate fashion for all occasions. Yautepec, Condesa, CP. Mariana Luna Her elegant creations for women have earned her top billing in Mexican fashion. Sus creaciones femeninas y de gusto refinado le han valido un lugar influyente en la moda nacional.

Special suits and dresses for first communions. Trajes y vestidos especiales para primeras comuniones. C, Polanco, CP. Nike Concepts store Store specializing in this American sports name brand. Moda mexicana para hombres y mujeres audaces. Tanya Moss Renowned Mexican jeweler.

Modern designs. Several shops in the city and in Palacio de Hierro. Joyera mexicana. Cuenta con varios tiendas en la ciudad y en Palacio de Hierro. Driving a car safely requires some basic knowledge. Here are some practical tips and essential information on how NOT to stress out while driving on the roads of Mexico, as well as information to help you drive in Mexico City. Blindaje para autos.

Blindaje para autos y camionetas. Blindaje de autos. Licencias de manejo. Canarios, Toltecas, CP. Clases de manejo. Driving lessons. Escuela de manejo. Global positioning systems GPS. If your car breaks down or you have a flat tire, call the Angeles Verdes speed dial for help. These vehicles are driven by English speaking staff, who are also trained mechanics. Lo Jack Worldwide provider of wireless tracking and recovery systems for stolen vehicles. If you get in an accident, ask another driver to report the incident at the nearest toll booth, or telephone the following number: For more details, please write to:.

Impound yard. Av Central entrada por calle 4 , 8 de agosto, CP. Canarios Bellavista, CP. Aztecas, Santo Domingo, CP. Testing Center Juana de Arco, Moderna, CP. Unlike other countries, pedestrians do NOT have right of way in Mexico.

They can suddenly appear on the street or sidewalk. However, traffic lights inactive at nighttime emit an amber-colored flashing signal in directions owning priority while the intersecting street emit a flashing red light.

So drive carefully. If you find yourself next to one of them, keep calm, drive carefully, and, above all, do not let yourself get angry! Standard Emissions Testing Center Emissions Testing Center Tow Trucks. Standard Emissions Testing Center. Gasoline is sold per liter 3. There are two types of gasoline available: Magna Sin green pumps , which is unleaded 87 octane, and Premium red pumps , which is unleaded 93 octane.

It is customary to tip the petrol station attendant two to five pesos. There is no self service. Private Insurance salesman. Capacity: depending on set up and decor. Auditorium, exhibition gallery and banquet halls. Capacity: 1, La sede social y cultural del. Centro cuenta con auditorio, sala de exposiciones y salones de banquetes.

Uno de ellos con capacidad para personas. Salon Bosques with maximum capacity for Can be sectioned off. Capacity depends on set up, decor and desired seating. Approximate seating capacity for guests according to set up and decor. Colegio de San Ildefonso Colonial building.

Two patios for corporate, cultural events, and graduations. It also has a smaller salon for more intimate events. Museo Casa de la Bola Museum. Capacity Area m2. Renta sus dos patios para eventos empresariales, culturales y graduaciones. Tiene tres salones uno con capacidad de personas y una terraza. Restaurante bar, salones para eventos sociales y de trabajo diferentes capacidades. Planning of social and events. Modern building. Max Capacity: Area: 11, m2. For events from hrs.

Except Thursdays. Moderno edificio. Restaurante Arroyo Casual Mexican Restaurant. Has a bull-fighting ring for Mexican rodeo exhibitions, concerts or banquets. Restaurante, con. Cuenta con plaza de toros. Delicious Mexican food. Various areas for celebrations and social events for 15 to guests. Banquetes para bodas, bautizos, comuniones, buffets, etc. Servicio a Domicilio L-V a , S. Leader in organizing all types of high profile events and receptions in Mexico City and other States.

Traditional cuisine and extremely wide variety of dishes. Empresa formada por un equipo de. Cocina artesanal y platillos sumamente variados. Erick Galindo Party planners. Costa Azul. Acapulco, Guerrero. Mehadrin kosher meat served. Servicio integral de eventos. Sirven carne kosher mehadrin. Here are some suggestions:. Empresa que organiza. French cancan with a touch of glamor and elegance.

Arreglos frutales para regalar o para centros de mesa. La mejor infraestructura y equipo profesional para el desarrollo de eventos y exposiciones.

Toluca , Olivar de los Padres. Delivery service. Servicio a domicilio. Muy utilizado por embajadas. Flower arrangements are guaranteed to stay fresh for 3 days.

Worldwide shipping. Servicio a todo el DF. They also have a variety of bonsai and gardening projects. Desde , ofrecen diversidad de. Rosas Designer floral arrangements for any occasion or social event. Telephone and internet sales. Florist service throughout Mexico so that your arrangement arrives in perfect condition and on time.

Rents chairs, tables, rooms, etc. Lujo y elegancia para tu evento. Renta de sillas, mesas, salas, etc. Association composed exclusively of the finest mariachi musicians.

Atesora las. Mobiliario lounge en perfecto estado. El mayor surtido y experiencia. Exclusive and novel games for children and adults for rent: Euro bungee, climbing wall with zip line, aquatic walking bubble, space ball.

Su grupo musical de. Exclusive and novel games for children and adults for rent: Euro bungee, climbing wall, zip line, aquatic walking bubble, space ball. Productor musical y organizador de networking. Ambience and lounge events in bars and hotels. Also producer, licensing consultant and booking agent.

DJ con experiencia en presentaciones. Weddings, sports and social events high protocol. Bodas, eventos deportivos y sociales de alto protocolo. Varied repertoire. With the best technology in audio and lighting. It also has DJ package.

Everything needed for a great atmosphere. Repertorio variado. Experienced DJs. Tasteful music in its original format as well as in high-tech format. Services throughout the Republic and abroad. Eventos empresariales. DJs con experiencia. Entertainment organizers, inflatable games largest inflatable dome in Latin America , exotic animals, casinos, and evening events.

Animadores, inflables. Foto Estudio Picazo Studio portraits, photography of events. Black and white, color, transfers to DVD. Blanco y negro, color, tranferencias a DVD. The options include makeup, hair, catwalk and group photo. Renta disfraces y accesorios para. Sus paquetes incluyen maquillaje, peinado, pasarela y foto de grupo. Valet parking providers. Events division. Empresas de valet parking.

Ranver Valet parking providers. Empresa de valet parking. Have your Mexican friends go with you so they can give you a tour. Needless to say, you should come prepared to request songs from the mariachis. Here is a list of some of the best songs of this genre.

Por supuesto, debes ir preparado para pedir canciones al mariachi. Plaza de Garibaldi no. Mexico has produced artists who have taken traditional Mexican music to a world audience.

This is a list of the 10 most important singers —unique for their music, their voices, their personality and the emblematic verse found in their lyrics — who are known even in the most remote Mexican village. After his death, he attained star status in the United States, Italy and Japan. Actor, singer, producer, script writer and expert Mexican equestrian. During his career, he made over albums, which sold over 25 million copies.

All time hits: Albur de amor, Bala perdida, Caballo prieto azavache, Cuatro milpas, Juan charrasqueado. Costa Rica-born singer and naturalized Mexican. Chavela Vargas used to sing songs usually sung by men about their desire for women. She dressed as a man, smoked, drank heavily, carried a gun, and was known for her characteristic red poncho. One of the most renowned Mexican singersongwriters and, in addition to his own recordings, many recording artists of the twentieth century have recorded his hits.

All time hits: Ay Jalisco no te rajes! Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon. She was the first ranchera singer to perform at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the premier opera house and concert hall in Mexico.

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